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Cetronic have been designing, supplying, installing and maintaining UPS systems throughout the UK for nearly 50 years. We are an ISO9001 company having SafeContractor and Constructionline accreditation.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) utilising a number of technologies are available from Cetronic. UPS systems from 400VA to 800KVA in single modules and parallel models offer N+1 solutions up to 6,400KVA

Voltage Stabilisers

Constant voltage transformers (CVT’s) use the ferro-resonant principle to provide a stable output voltage free from impulses, spikes and harmonics. They have an extremely rugged and robust design and are particularly suited to harsh environments. Requiring little or no maintenance the CVT is an ideal solution for the protection of voltage sensitive equipment in industrial applications.


components such as: AC/DC Reactors and Chokes that meet customer specifications or requirements whilst conforming to British and/or international standards.

The Cetronic range includes single and 3 phase air-cooled, dry type and oil cooled transformers up to 1250KVA. The transformers can be supplied open (without enclosure) or enclosed in various housings to meet the IP rating required.

Static Transfer Switches

Maintaining electrical power to your mission critical applications is paramount to keeping your IT systems running. Although uninterruptible power supplies are an important part of your electrical infrastructure, what would happen if the UPS output failed! The ability to switch seamlessly from one power source to another is required to keep your systems running smoothly.

Static transfer switches provide ultra-fast switching between two synchronised input power sources, offering virtually uninterrupted power to your electronic equipment. A static transfer switch allows maintenance of power sources without the need to shut down critical equipment.

AC/DC Secure Power Systems

AC to DC rectifiers and chargers in modular, wall mount or 19” rack mount enclosures. These systems can be used as a power supply, battery charger or (when combined with batteries) as a DC UPS (uninterruptible power supply). When used as a DC UPS, low battery voltage disconnect (LVD) circuitry is also included.


Diesel powered generator sets are still the primary choice for standby and emergency power systems. Whereas a UPS provides continuous no-break power to the critical load or data centre for a period of time specified by the capacity of the associated batteries. A generator when installed with an auto-start/change-over panel can sense a power failure, start the generator and power the load within 10-20 seconds. The generator will then run for as long as it has fuel. They offer rugged dependability and reliable mechanical and electrical performance.

Harmonic Solutions

Whether voltage distortion is affecting your load OR your load is affecting the electrical supply (due to current harmonics), Cetronic Power Solutions Ltd has a solution.

Power Resistors

MCB Industrie has been the inventor of many concepts, the most famous being the Planar Resistor in 1985. MCB Industrie has promoted and established its technology, now broadly recognised and utilised by the industry leaders in the area of Power Supplies and Energy Conversion.

The product range, covering watts to megawatts, is structured so that it provides optimised solutions to each type of application.


COMEPA offer a complete line of “THERMOPA” bimetallic thermostats covering the needs of the industrial, military and aerospace markets.

COMEPA manufactures and markets a complete line of standards thermostats as well as specific “customised” products.

A diversity of connections and a choice of fixings are available. Thermostats with switching capacities between 1A to 16A and operating temperatures of between -50°C to 260°C.


MCB Industrie position sensors combine:

  • High resolution and linearity
  • Extended life time
  • Resistance to severe environment (corrosive agents, sealing)
  • Mechanical resistance (shock, vibration)

They are designed for the most rigorous applications, and can be customized to your needs.

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