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Here at CFH, Docmail has grown to become an important part of our business and we are proud to be one of the UK's largest hybrid mail services.

A4 Printing

We offer hybrid print and mail solutions which is a postal output where CFH Docmail prints and mails on your behalf.

You, the customer still initiate the post via your PC on demand.You simply upload an address list and a letter or postcard or download our free virtual print driver to print and post individual documents directly from your computer.

In every case your posted documents will cost less and look better when delivered through the letterbox.

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A4 Printing

A4 Documents

Docmail works with Microsoft® Word® or Adobe® PDF documents. In order to mail something, side one of your 'prime' document (eg: an A4 letter to customers) must have the correct space left blank for Docmail to insert an address.

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A4 Documents
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