CG Automatic Converting Equipment Ltd


Since the original company was founded in 1978 we have been supplying equipment from our Leicestershire base to the converting industry around the world.

These machines convert jumbo rolls of stretch film into smaller rolls for various uses, such as:-machine rolls for pallet wrappers, hand rolls for warehouse operatives, spiral wrapping rolls & mini reels for everyday use. The machines offered in this range include simple semi-automatic machines to sophisticated fully automatic cells.

Pre Stretch Machinery

As film technology has advanced we have continued to design & develop our machinery to process it, one such group of machines now widely used are the Prestretch machines.

This equipment was developed in the 1990’s and now includes a range of machines from simple semi automatic rewind machines to sophisticated automatic cells, all of which produce prestretch rolls from master roll stock, converting it into various industry standard rolls.

Coreless Machinery

Since first introducing our coreless equipment to the converting industry we have been able to supply equipment to manufacture stretch film rolls without the traditional cardboard core in the centre. This offers many advantages including, faster production, lower cost and most importantly major environmental benefits.

Standard stretch film rolls have always been wound on to cores, as until we developed this technology no other alternative existed. Since then our range of coreless equipment has continued to grow.

Combination Machinery

Championing the supply of 'fit for purpose' products we are always looking at ways of developing equipment that will be ever more efficient and flexible for all our customers - without of course, any reduction in the end product standards.

Whilst we do offer specific equipment for stretch film, prestretched film and cored or coreless rewinding our newest range of machinery can produce multiple types of finished products. For instance, cored and coreless products or standard and prestretched products can now be produced on the same machine.

Other Equipment

Alongside our more standard range of flexible film machinery we also offer :-

  • Core cutters and core notching equipment,
  • Perorating equipment for bubble films and non woven materials,
  • Centre drive rewinding equipment for films, foils and other materials,
  • Edge trim removal and rewind units
  • Roll handling equipment
  • And of course special purpose, custom made equipment

Converting Machines

CG Automatic Converting Equipment Ltd has over thirty years experience within the converting market. By introducing new technology and equipment their range of converting machines is continuously improving. This helps keep CG Automatic Converting Equipment Ltd ahead of their competitors when it comes to converting machines.

For custom designed machines and packaging equipment tailored to your individual needs, CG Automatic Converting Equipment Ltd are the company that you need. We have a broad range of semi and fully automatic converting machines for plastic films, aluminium foil, paper and adhesive tapes.

Stretch Film Machines

From their base in Leicestershire, CG Automatic Converting Equipment Ltd, supply stretch film machines - converting machines that convert jumbo rolls of stretch film into smaller rolls for a variety of uses.

CG Automatic Converting Equipment Ltd's range of stretch film machines and equipment also includes machine rolls for pallet wrapping machines, hand rolls for warehouse operatives, spiral wrapping rolls and mini reels for everyday use.

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