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Challenge (Europe) Ltd has recently been launched as the result of a management buyout. Its predecessor was originally set up in 1972 as a stockist and distributor of threaded fasteners, with an emphasis on supplying companies located within the UK.

Recently, Challenge have developed Project Manufacturing Partnerships for sub-contract manufacture, sub-assembly and logistic supply. These have developed from a simple kitting process to cover supply chain management from co-operative product development, tooling control and global sourcing through to stock monitoring.

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Your Project Manufacturing Partner

  • Mechanical Integration
  • Kitting
  • Sub-contract Component Assembly

Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers

  • Pins, Rivets
  • Special Fastenings
  • Dubo Rings

Quality & Service

The company's primary objective is to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers.

To this end, the assurance of quality is a recognised fundamental governing all work conducted within the company. Procedures are clearly defined, properly documented and closely monitored to ensure full integration with the overall company policy and its certification to BS EN ISO 9002:1994.

In utilising these procedures, we can fulfil our mission to:

  • Exceed customer expectation through continuous improvement.
  • Prevent rather than cure problems.
  • Ensure that cost effective controls are used and regularly reviewed.
  • Expand the knowledge and skills of our employees.
  • Be pro-active in an ever-changing business environment.

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Dubo Retaining Ring

This product is proving to be an increasingly popular method of meeting the dual requirements of sealing and locking.

Applications range from the simplistic use in preventing leakage's from transformer oil reservoirs to a more demanding role within the power generating industry, where samples are currently being subjected to Lloyds immersion tests, with encouraging results.

Silver Plated Tuning Screws

A series of high specification silver-plated grubscrews sold exclusively into the electronics industry. They are used within radio wave filter boxes and once in-situ are required to perform over extensive periods of time without requiring further attention. This necessitates that they are of the highest sustainable quality.

Fitting Packs

Thinking of putting up a loft ladder? Chances are that when you purchase one it will contain a fittings pack put together by us. This is an example of multi-faceted procurement allied with in-house packaging and logistical skills.

We buy the parts to our customer's specifications, package them in-house and deliver lineside upon 24 hours notice. What is more the end-user can be confident of receiving exactly what is required for a successful installation.

Period Costumes

An unusual application of one of our simpler products. When you want to create a chain mail suit, why not use a series of coil spring washers? You can even buy then in stainless steel for those days when it is raining on the battlefield and you do not want to seize up with a rust problem!

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