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Challenge (Europe) Ltd is an ISO9001 stockist and distributor of threaded fasteners, with an emphasis on supplying manufacturing companies located within the UK with specialist standard or custom components.

This includes extensive stock and application specific supply capability for screws and bolts of all types including machine screws, self-drilling screws, hammer drive screws, wood screws, self-tapping, thread-forming screws and sems. Bolts include Hex head, construction floor anchors, coach bolts and studding. They have an extensive stock of socket head screws as well as nuts, cage nuts, rivet nuts, Tee nuts, weld nuts, u nuts, wing nuts, barb nuts and combi nuts. Washers are stocked in depth from flat and shake proof to mudguard, copper grip and terminal cup types, to crinkle washers, sealing and Belville washers, spring and cup washers, as well as O rings. Rivets include blind and tubular, alongside split cotter pins, dowel/groove pins, weld studs, tension pins, self-clinching and brass threaded inserts.

Challenge also carry useful ancillary products such as grommets, plugs and screw caps, carrying handles, valve knobs, cable ties and the range of Action Can lubricants, sprays and aerosols.

Challenge operates Project Manufacturing Partnerships for sub-contract manufacture, sub-assembly and logistic supply. These have developed over many years from simple kitting processes to cover supply chain management including co-operative product development, tooling control and global sourcing through to stock monitoring.

Threaded Products - Screws

Machine Screws
Self-drilling Screws
Hammer drive screws
Wood screws
self-tapping screws
Thread forming screws for plastics
Machine screw sems

Threaded Products - Screws

Threaded Products - Bolts, Studding and Fixings

Hexagon headed high tensile bolts
Hexagon headed high tensile set screws
Hexagon serrated flange set screws
Hexagon plain flange bolts
Construction floor anchors
Engineers studs
Studding lengths

Threaded Products - Bolts, Studding and Fixings

Socket Products - Screws and Bolts

Socket head cap screws
Socket shoulder screws
Socket set screws
Socket pipe plugs/Taper pressure plugs
Hexagon wrenches
Socket button head screws
Socket countersunk screws

Socket Products - Screws and Bolts

Nut Products

Dome nuts
Full and half nuts
Self-locking nuts
Flange nuts
Rivet bushes
Rivet nuts
Cage nuts
Square nuts
Tee nuts
Weld nuts
U nuts
Wing nuts
Barb nuts
Combi nuts

Nut Products

Washers and Dubo Ring Product

Flat washers
Shakeproof washers
Mudguard washers
Copper grip washers
Terminal cup washers
Crinkle washers
Sealing washers
Belleville washers
Cup washers
Single coil spring washers
O rings
Dubo retaining rings
Dubo toothed collar rings

Metric and Imperial standards available

Washers and Dubo Ring Product

Rivets and Pins

Blind Rivets
Tubular Rivets
Split cotter pins
Dowel and groove pins
Weld studs
Slotted steel tension pins
Self-clinching pins
Brass threaded inserts

Blind Rivets:

A range of fixings designed to allow the riveting operation to be conducted from one side of the workpiece. Variable in type, according to the application, some typical examples are listed below:

  • Open End – Provides strong, low cost fastenings ideal for a wide range of applications within the general engineering industry. Available in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, monel and copper alloy.
  • Closed (Sealed) End – Specifically designed to provide a waterproof seal after the rivet has been set. Available in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, monel and copper alloy.
  • Multigrip – Designed to clamp a wide range of material thicknesses as well as having excellent filling characteristics where hole form proves inconsistent. Additional benefit of allowing reduced rivet inventory. Traditionally available in aluminium, but steel and stainless steel versions have been recently introduced.
  • Structural – Designed to provide high tensile and shear strengths for more demanding applications. Available in steel and aluminium.
  • Grooved – Used in conjunction with fibrous materials (e.g. wood) where upon setting the body of the rivet expands and the grooves bite into the material. Available in aluminium.
  • Load Spreading – Suitable for soft or brittle materials where upon setting the rivet body folds back into segments preventing produce damage. Available in aluminium.
  • Peel – Similar to the Load Spreading rivet in design and application, excepting that the rivet body splits open into a ‘petal’ arrangement upon setting. Available in aluminium.

Many rivets are available with a choice of head forms from the standard dome head to large, extra large and countersunk. A full range of setting tooling is available, including simple handtools for smaller volume work, and sophisticated hydropneumatic equipment to meet intensive production line working. Blind Rivet Nuts:  This product range offers the facility to provide an internal or thread attachment to the work piece in a similar way to setting a blind rivet. The rivet nuts are available in a comprehensive range of body and head types with material options of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. They provide advantages of being able to be easily set in thin material, but have the same properties as a tapped thread in fuller thickness material.

Other Rivet Products:

Solid Rivets: Generally manufactured to suit individual customer’s requirements, and are almost infinitely variable in terms of diameter, length, head form and material type. Considered to be the strongest of the rivet types, but requires high clinching forces. Semi-Tubular:  Preserves shear strength of solid rivet with easier clinching. Generally available with oval, countersunk or tinman heads and in a variety of sizes and materials to suit customer applications. Tubular:  Generally as per the semi-tubular, but with a fully hollow shank and is designed for lighter clinching forces. Bifurcated:  Sometimes known as split rivets, being generally used on softer materials such as leather and composite timber boards, where it acts in a self-piercing manner and can be designed to self-set. Available in a variety of sizes, head forms and material types. Miscellaneous:  Examples of other rivet types available:

  • Friction Lining Rivet – Variant Semi-Tubular rivet
  • Self-Piercing Rivet – Variant combination of a Tubular/Bifurcated rivet
  • Drive Rivet – Variant Solid, Semi-Tubular or Bifurcated rivet with a screw or spline-form shank
  • Cup Rivet – Variant light duty Tubular rivet
  • Tube Rivet – Variant hollow shank and head Tubular rivet
  • Electrical Rivet – Variant insulated Tubular rivet
Rivets and Pins

Ancillary Products

Korrex nut caps
Korrex protective caps
Korrex insulating bushes
Plugs and screw caps
Instrument carrying handles
Chrome handles
Clamp screws
Custom specialist machined parts
Stud rivet nut assemblies
Valve knobs
Captive screws
Cable ties
Action can products


Ancillary Products

Specials and custom threaded fasteners

We specialise in small volume manufacturing projects – custom special jobs that are a problem for bigger manufacturers, where it is not cost-effective to program large and expensive automated equipment. This enables us to optimise performance across your manufacturing operation with standard products from stock including many specialist items.

However, when standard fastenings are not suitable we can help with a custom solution from our own manufacturing facility. This capability is ideal for small quantities and extends to partnering arrangements with fabricators and finishers so that we can cover a wide range of items from specialist threaded fasteners to sheet metal or cast fixings. We couple our in-house machining with a global sourcing and supply infrastructure and in-depth expertise of the manufacturing cycle gained from over 30 years in the engineering arena.

This capability enables us to produce components from alternative materials at short notice and to incorporate them into packaged sub-assemblies. In this way customers gain a complete package of high-quality and low-cost on standard mass-produced items and on small quantity specialist components.

Typically we produce: Instrument Carrying Handles, Chrome Handles, Clamp Screws and Stud Rivet Nut Assembly. In addition we do cut to length studding, vented screws, spacers and general modification work to standard fasteners e.g. shortening to non-standard lengths & cross drilling to take split cotter pins.

Specials and custom threaded fasteners

Service Packages

Stocking & Delivery:
We fulfil the sourcing and supply chain requirements of the manufacturing cycle.

  • Stock holding and control – we provide a central site for the location and control of stock items.
  • Inventory control – we perform inventory measurement, stock re-ordering, kit and component supply, and support single point invoicing.
  • Site management – we maintain optimum stock quantities.
  • Production system integration – we integrate our supply chain capabilities with your preferred production system, e.g. Kanban, lineside supply and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Quality & Service:
The company’s primary objective is to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers.

To this end, the assurance of quality is a recognised fundamental governing all work conducted within the company. Procedures are clearly defined, properly documented and closely monitored to ensure full integration with the overall company policy and its certification to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

In utilising these procedures, we can fulfil our mission to:

  • Exceed customer expectation through continuous improvement
  • Prevent rather than cure problems
  • Ensure that cost effective controls are used and regularly reviewed
  • Expand the knowledge and skills of our employees
  • Be pro-active in an ever-changing business environment

Read more about our service packages

Service Packages

Trade Counter

Our cheerful and experienced staff keep the trade counter open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

In addition to our full stock availability our trade counter is stocked with

  • Cable Ties
  • Hose clips/clamps
  • Through bolts
  • HSS Drill bits
  • Hexagon key sets
  • Power Screw driver bits
  • Hand taps and dies
  • Screw kits
  • Cutting discs
  • Grinding discs
  • Penetrating oil
  • Multi-purpose oil
  • Spray adhesive
  • Brake and Clutch cleaner
  • Silicone lubricant
  • Cutting/tapping fluid
  • Welders fluid
  • HSS Drill bits
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Anti-rust zinc spray paint
  • Foam cleaner
  • Studding
  • Pre-bagged nuts
  • Pre-bagged washers
  • Pre-bagged woodscrews
  • Pre-bagged chipboard screws
  • Pre-bagged cavity fixings
  • Pre-bagged pins
  • Pre-bagged wall plugs
  • Pre-bagged nyloc nuts
  • Boot lace ferrules
  • Loctite
  • Multi-purpose grease
Trade Counter

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