Chaplin Bros (Birmingham) Ltd.

Brass wire is a copper zinc alloy and is available in a range of alloys from 90% copper/10% zinc to 63% copper/37% zinc

Phosphor bronze Wire

Phosphor bronze is a copper tin alloy with a trace of phosphorus.  The level of tin varies from 5 - 8% depending on the alloy

Nickel Silver Wire

Nickel silver (also known as Alpaca) contains copper, nickel and zinc and is a bright silver colour in appearance (hence the name nickel silver).

Copper Wire

Electrolytic and oxygen free copper wire is manufactured in round, square and flat sections. Oxygen free copper is commonly used in electronics applications as its high purity gives the greatest levels of conductivity.

Brush Wire

Chaplin Wire offers a full range of flat and round staple wires to serve the brush industry in addition to their range of crimped brush wires. 

Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire is available in a full range of  alloys

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