Charles Neal Birmingham Ltd


We are specialist manufacturers of metal nameplates. We are a family run manufacturing company, built with a reputation over many years for high-quality, competitively priced products. As well as metal nameplates, we also manufacture and supply many related products.

We combine use of the latest technology and computer based techniques with sculptural, design and artistic skills honed from many years of experience.

Tooling and Die Making

Our services include tooling and die making. Our in-house tool and die making facility utilises computer design, drawing, modelling and digitising, followed by spark erosion, CNC milling, etching and pantographing.

In addition, we use CNC machining linked to sculptural hand skills giving us the edge.

Electrode Service

Further to tool and die making, we also provide a comprehensive electrode service.

Many mould makers are used to producing high-precision moulds but are not used to engraving lettering or decorative designs on irregular surfaces. With our artistic ability, we are able to design and model from two dimensional artworks and supply you with an electrode all ready for sparking.

For more information on our electrode service, visit our website.

Labels and Nameplates

Our vast capabilities include the manufacture of labels and nameplates. Metal nameplates stamped with sunk or raised design, with a range of finishes, shapes and sizes, embossed or debossed are available. For more information on our labels and nameplates service, get in contact now.

Dog Tags

As well as nameplates, we also produce dog tags.

This service includes metal dog tags in various shapes and sizes, stamped with embossed or sunk lettering or artwork.

We produce metal stampings and pressings in a variety of materials.

Presses with capacity of up to 360 tons to cut, blank, form and stamp products are utilised for the manufacture of dog tags.

Product Design

Our comprehensive product design services include a complete service offered to convert metal sheets into individually designed products. We provide the most detailed and dedicated product design solutions.

Our diverse manufacturing service also covers silverware components. These components for silverware are produced in base metal or silver. Promotional products are also available, marked individually from your artwork. Our capabilities and wide ranging manufacture services even accommodate coins, medals, paperweights and jewellery tags.

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