Charles Robinson (Cutting Tools) Ltd

At Charles Robinson (Cutting Tools), we manufacture precision die cutting tools and provide of professional die cutting services. We cut shapes in all kinds of flexible materials. We use the latest CAD systems to support our die cutting tools and use a large 2.4 metres x 1.8 metres flat-bed plotter to accept and convert most file types.

Cutting Tools

 Our team of experienced and skilled engineers create cutting tools suitable for cutting a variety of flexible and flat products and materials.

Our cutting tools will cut: 

  • Corrugated boxes and cardboard
  • Kevlar
  • UPVC door panels
  • Gaskets
  • Printed products
  • Abrasive materials
  • Expanded foam
  • Felt products
Cutting Tools

Professional Die Cutting Services

We provide professional die cutting services using the latest CAD/CAM systems.

Our skilled craftsmen provide professional die cutting services and products including:

  • Flat form cutting and creasing dies
  • Auto platen tools and stripping dies
  • Skeleton knives and forged steel cutters
  • Die-cutting services
  • CNC routing services (including foam routing)
  • CAD file origination
  • Roller press manufacturing and servicing
Professional Die Cutting Services

Manufacturer of Precision Die Cutting Tools

Since 1986, we have been a manufacturer of precision die cutting tools suitable for a variety of flat and flexible materials.

We manufacture precision die cutting tools to cut products and materials including:

  • Corrugated boxes and cartons for the packaging industries
  • Kevlar for body armour
  • UPVC door panels
  • Gaskets for all industries
  • Vacuum formings
  • Printed products
  • Abrasive materials
  • Medical industry - expertise in sterile cutting
  • Food and pharmaceutical - expertise in clean cutting
  • Expanded foam case liners 
  • Felt products and foam-core for the retail trade.
Manufacturer of Precision Die Cutting Tools

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