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machine tools service

Machine Tools Service

Charter Engineering Services Ltd. has established an excellent reputation for it's mechanical and electrical/electronic repair service on main types of CNC and conventional machine tools. The team specialise in:

  • Union horizontal borers
  • Bridgeport and Heckert mills and machining centres
  • Heckert Thread Milling Machines
  • Niles lathes - CNC and Niigata machining centres
  • FIL, Aurora and Kiheung bed mills, Milling Machines
  • Maximart VMCs
  • Module gear hobbers
  • Niles Gear grinders
  • Bowes Radial Drills
  • Saalfeld Pillar Drills
  • Heckert, Tos Kurim,Huron, Bridgeport & Auerbach Milling Machines
  • Titan Vertical Lathes
  • Broadbent, Ward & Herbert Lathes

Areas covered: 

  • Teams covering UK wide - although local to Stoke-on-Trent, Mansfield, Derby, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Burton-on-Trent, Huddersfield, Leicester and Grimsby.

We are also agents for Takang Machine Tools,  Maximart VMCs and Kiheung conventional and CNC bed type mills

We are able to carry out installation and de-commissioning of machines on site and have a workshop with machining facilities where machines can be overhauled etc

  • Machine Tools Service
  • Grinding Services
  • Welded Mesh
  • Welding Equipment
  • Fine Grinding
  • Fabrications - Welded

We can also source parts for East European Machine tools

Machine Tools Service

Machine Tool Service Includes:

    Check oil condition
    Drain/refill oil tank
    Clean/replace oil filter
    Check oil level
    Check leaks on solenoids
    Check condition of all pipes
    Check gauges
    Check collet/chuck operation
    Check collet/ chuck condition
    Grease chuck
    Check Accumulator pressure
    Check main belt tension
    Check drive belt tension
    Check timing belt tension
    Check oil levels
    Check gear change
    Drain/refill gearbox
    Clean air ducts and fans on motor
    Clean check DC motor brushes
    Check oil condition
    Check filters
    Check flow to all slideways
    Check usage
    Grease ballscrews/gears
    Check operation
    Check radial position
    Check height
    Check door interlocks
    Check guarding
    Check machine earthing
    Check protective screens
    Check counterbalance ropes/chains
    Check counterbalance guides
    Check operation main body
  • AXES
    Check gear box oil level
    Check gib tension
    Check motor condition/brushes
    Check belt tension
    Check backlash
    Check new backlash level
    Check gridshift
    Check new gridshift value
    Check bedway wipers
    Check headstock alignment
    Check table alignment
    Check column alignment
    Check horizontal spindle alignment
    Check vertical spindle alignment
    Check turret alignment
    Check tailstock alignment
    Check operation (via diagnostics)
    Check push buttons
    Check rotary switches
    Check indicator lamps
    Check /clean all cooling fans
    Check /clean all filters
    Check /clean all heat exchangers
    Check safety brakes
    Check tacho brushes
    Check tacho encoder couplings
    Check cable drag chains
    Check voltages as used on machine
    Check condition and operation of:
    Tool changers
    Pallet changer
    Work catcher
    Backface turner
    C axis
    Power tooling
    Swarf conveyor
  • Refit/close guards, clean operators panel and test run machine

 A full report is then supplied

Better to plan your machine tools service before being forced to lose valuable production time


Call Ivan Kirk on 07775 895962

Machine Tool Service Includes:

Maximart UK Distributor

Charter Engineering are the official UK service agent / distributor for Maximart Taiwan

  • EDM machines
  • Knee type milling machines
  • Bed type milling machines
  • CNC milling machines and CNC EDM machines
  • Vertical Machining Centers
  • High Speed VMC
  • 20000rpm direct-drive spindle VMC
  • 24000rpm Built-in spindle VMC
  • Gantry type machine centers
  • Heavy Capacity Box-way VMC & V-6 High Speed VMC
  • 30000rpm Built-in spindle VMC
  • Tapping centers
Maximart UK Distributor
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