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We can help ensure Chain of Custody certificates so your customers know your end product comes from a well-managed, sustainable forest. In order to maintain the links of the chain, each stage must have certification when the timber has changed physical hands.
Many High Street names now carry the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody logo on everything from toilet rolls, sandwich wrappers, paper cups, toys, furniture, guitars and printed products. Working groups across 43 countries, FSC has 90 million hectares of forest certified across 82 countries.

14001 Environmental Management

We can assist business in attaining 14001 accreditation in environmental management. This certification allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to enhancing its environmental policies.

14001 Environmental Management accreditation helps businesses monitor their environmental impacts as well as save money through enhanced waste management streams, as well as Health and Safety management.

14001 Environmental Management

9001 Quality Management

With 9001:2000 Quality Management certification, your company adheres to a quality management structure and a framework for recording best practices. The Qualitiy Management accreditation of 9001:2000 is focused on achievements, customer satisfaction and process improvements. It is less demanding than its predecessors on strict conformities to precise procedures.

9001 Quality Management

ISO 27001 Information Security Management

We can help your business attain ISO 27001, an internationally recognised standard for an Information Security Management systems. This certification demonstrates to your suppliers and clients a commitment to information security through an audited management system, risk assessment and controls.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Information Security Management:

  • Get a competitive edge
  • Demonstrate good corporate governance for public sector tenders
    Reassure clients of your credibility
  • Reduce security incidents and lead to cost savings
  • Help ensure compliance with relevant laws such as the Data Protection Act 1998
ISO 27001 Information Security Management

18001 Health and Safety

At Chartwell PM, we can help you look at your Health and Safety management requirements including risk assessments, manual handling and accident investigation. Our experts can help you business implement OHSAS 18001, a foundation for an efficient Heath and Safety management system.


18001 Health and Safety

Print Management

From years of quality experience within the printing sector, we are able to supply expert advice in the following areas.

  • Print Project Management
  • Auditing / Supplier Sourcing
  • MIS and Commercial Management
  • Health Checks
  • Workflow / JDF (Job Definition Format)
Print Management

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