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Our in-house film scanning service utilises an Imacon Flextight Precision 949 virtual drum scanner capable of handling film from 35mm up to 5 x 4". The resulting files are suitable for the highest quality fine art and exhibition prints, with excellent sensitivity for capturing fine shadow and highlight detail. Flatbed scanning is also available and can accommodate A3 pieces while digital capture of larger or deeper dimensioned works is available upon request.

Some customers expect the scans to look punchy, vibrant and print-like, but they usually will not; We scan films "flat" to reveal and open out dark areas and hold any details present in high lights thereby providing the best raw file to work from. Any dynamic detail lost/not captured during scanning cannot be retrieved later. The retoucher can then make the best creative decisions using all of the information that was available in the original film to produce the final file.



We provide digital retouching, stylising, correction and manipulation for clients' photographs and artwork including restoration of old photographs. The process can be as subtle or as drastic as the work requires but we will always take your ideas and apply them to your images with the greatest sensitivity and care.

Prices are charged per hour or part thereof. Please call 020 7833 3938 or email for more information or a quote. You can also call in at our London showroom to see printed examples and discuss your project requirements without obligation.


We produce fine art prints for exhibitions, galleries, professional photographers, artists, students and private individuals on a range of acid-free archival and proofing mediums as well as lower cost non-archival stock. When it comes to Edition Printing you need the confidence of working with people who understand the challenges and have the solutions to digitally capture, visually match and produce beautiful and faithful museum grade prints, on demand, time and time again. We also have fulfillment services which can include recording of edition numbers and sending of prints to the customer.

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Colour Management

Colour management is the process of linearising and profiling a digital imaging system and its associated components for throughput and output. It is an important practise to implement for users who work with digital images on a daily basis.

Colour management normally consists of both a hardware and software solution for an existing computer system (ie. PC or Mac) and will allow you to consistently produce accurate prints and output files that are within industry standard colour spaces.

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Inkjet Papers

  • Da Vinci Fibre Gloss 300gsm
  • Da Vinci Fibre Gloss Smooth 285gsm
  • Da Vinci Fibre Gloss Lt 250gsm
  • Da Vinci Fibre Gloss Classic 300gsm
  • Da Vinci Archival White 315gsm

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  • R800 / R1800 Inks
  • R1900 Inks
  • Stylus Photo 2100 Inks
  • Stylus Photo R2400 Inks
  • Stylus Photo R2880 Inks

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Mac)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Windows)
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0 (Mac/Win)
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended (Mac)

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