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For 30 years, Chell Instruments has supplied instrumentation for the measurement and control of gas pressures and flows in a wide variety of applications.

Able to validate all of our work as a UKAS accredited calibration lab, at Chell Instruments we specialise in:

  • Motor Sport Instrumentation
  • Wind Tunnel Instrumentation
  • Wind Turbine Instrumentation
  • Power Generation Instrumentation
  • Calibration Systems
  • Turbo Machinery Instrumentation
  • Flow Products
  • Fuel Cell Instrumentation
  • Vacuum Products

Power Generation Instrumentation

We have provided instrumentation for the power generation industry for years. Many of our products are a create by customer enquiry, so please contact us and we may well be able to develop a product to suit.

Our power generation products include:

  • Air Ingress Monitor (AIM)
  • Leak Rate Monitors (LRM)
  • Chell Absolute Pressure Transmitter (APT)
  • Impulse Line Inegrity Test System
  • Custom Gas Panel, Calibration and Test Systems
  • Vacuum Dryer for High Purity Containment Vessels
Power Generation Instrumentation

UKAS Calibration Systems

As a UKAS accredited calibration expert, we take pride in our calibration systems. Across a range of industries and applications, our range of UKAS calibration systems include: 

  • Gas Pressure Balance (aka. Piston Gauge or Deadweight Tester) to 110MPa (16,000 psi)
  • Hydraulic Pressure Balance (aka. Piston Gauge or Deadweight Tester) to 500MPa (75,000 psi)
  • Electronic Deadweight Tester
  • Hydraulic Pressure Generator/Controller
  • Low Absolute and Differential Pressure, Force Balanced Pressure Balances
  • Netscanner Pressure Calibrator Modules
  • Pressure Controller / Calibrator, pneumatic to 10 Mpa (1,500 psi)
  • High Pressure Gas Pressure Controller / Calibrator. 1 to 100MPa (150 to 15000 psi).
  • Pressure Controller / Calibrator, hydraulic to 200 Mpa (30,000 psi)
  • Reference Pressure Monitors, pneumatic, single and dual range to 280MPa (40,000 psi)
  • Air Data veresion of the RPM. Covers the absolute and differential pressure ranges of typical air data instruments
  • Super-Schwien Laser Manometer Primary Standards
  • Low Range Differential Pressure Calibrator
UKAS Calibration Systems

Turbo Machinery Instrumentation

We supply unique and targeted turbo machinery instrumentation. Here are some examples of our turbo machinery instrumentation

  • SQDC - Stainless steel Quick Disconnect
  • Cablerange AS Series Quick Disconnect
  • Cablerange Circlex Quick Disconnect
  • Netscanner Rackmount Pressure Scanner Modules
  • Netscanner Pressure Calibrator Modules
  • I-Daq Analogue Scanner
  • T-Daq Thermocouple Scanner
  • CMD100 Chell Pressure Controller and Display
  • CMD120 20 Channel Transducer Display
Turbo Machinery Instrumentation

Flow Products

Our range of flow products have been developed using more than 40 years of engineering know-how. Rugged and robust, many of our flow meters are built to work in the most demanding industrial conditions. 

Example of our flow meters include :

  • Molbox precision Laminar Flow and Sonic Nozzle gas flow transfer standards
  • Hastings 200 Series
  • Hastings 300 Series - Fast Response, Higher Accuracy
  • Hastings DIGITAL 300 Series - RS232/485 and DeviceNet
  • Hastings 400 Series Industrial Flowmeter
  • Hastings HFM and HFC Tylan Replacements
Flow Products

Motor Sport

With a relationship developed with Formula 1 motor sports because of their need for highly precise and calibrated equipments, our products have been used extensively in the motor sports industry.

Our instrumentation solutions for motor sports include:

  • Miniature Data Acquisition Systems
  • Miniature Pressure Scanners
  • Miniature Temperature, Voltage and Current Scanners
  • Multi Hole Probe
  • Wind Tunnel Rolling Road and Wheel Systems
Motor Sport
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