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We offer a range of corrosion protection services with a variety of solvent-free epoxy resins reinforced with screened glassflake.

Corrosion protection can be applied to metal, concrete and other substrates and form a reliable barrier against corrosion, weathering and temperature. The range of applications our corrosion protection products can benefit include organisations looking for structural protection, internal lining of conditioning tanks and coatings on pumps and risers.

Corrosion protection coatings have exceptional benefits for a range of mechanical properties to make them ideal for protecting a variety of installations, equipment and plant. 

Corrosion Prevention

Our corrosion prevention techniques take advantage of an innovative range of epoxy systems and are some of the most advanced systems in the current market.

The benefits of corrosion prevention systems include further resistance to acids, alkaline and aromatic solvents. They also profit from superior flexural strength and elongation and a high gloss retention and resistance to chalking.

Corrosion prevention is also user friendly and eco-friendly with solvent free application. Systems can also be applied during inclement weather and help reduce downtime and delays. They have outstanding adhesive properties to moist or even wet surfaces and are highly multi-purpose.

Corrosion Prevention

Epoxy Solvent Free Systems

Our selection of epoxy solvent free systems and range of solvent-free epoxy resins are reinforced with screened glassflake that can be applied to metal, concrete and many other substrates.

They form a durable barrier to weathering, corrosion and temperature and these coatings have excellent mechanical properties. It makes them ideal protection applications for various installations, plant and equipment.

We have developed the most advanced and innovative range of epoxy solvent free systems and include:

  • high gloss retention and resistance to chalking
  • outstanding elongation and flexural strength
  • excellent chemical resistance to many acids, alkalines, and aromatic solvents
  • high impact and wear resistance
  • easy-to-use, systems are cold applied
  • multi-purpose
  • user-friendly and environmentally compliant (solvent-free)
  • outstanding adhesion to moist, even wet substrates
  • systems can be applied during inclement weather, reducing downtime and delays
Epoxy Solvent Free Systems

Polyester Glassflake Systems

Our series of polyester glassflake systems are based on bisphenol A. This is a fumarate resin reinforced with screened glassflake and catalysed with 1-3 percent of ketone peroxide.

Polyester glassflake systems form a tough, impermeable barrier to corrosion (pH1-14), high temperatures (immersed: 90ºC, atmospheric: 125ºC), and abrasion and erosion.

The benefits include:

  • outstanding chemical resistance to acids, alkalines and many solvents
  • multi-purpose
  • adjustable pot life
  • touch dry within 1-2 hrs
  • fast turnaround, equipment can be back in service within 12 hours
  • ease of repair (100% effective) and machinability
  • fast curing even at low temperatures
  • excellent UV and abrasion resistance
  • can be applied up to 1.0 mm per coat
  • long term guarantees up to 25 years
Polyester Glassflake Systems

Vinyl Ester Glassflake Systems

Our range of vinyl ester glassflake systems are based on vinyl ester resins. This system is reinforced with screened glassflake and catalysed with 1-3 percent of organic peroxide.

They offer highly durable coatings with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, particularly in alkaline environments and they can easily be spray, brush or trowel applied.

Since their introduction to the market, vinyl ester glassflake systems have established itself as a premier product for providing long lasting protection from the effects of aggressive chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures.

Their benefits include:

  • outstanding high temperature performance (immersed up to 130ºC, atmospheric up to 195ºC)
  • excellent chemical resistance (pH1-14)
  • fast curing even at low temperatures
  • high impact and fatigue resistance
  • touch dry within 2 - 4 hrs
  • fast turnaround, equipment back in service within 24 hrs
  • high damage resistance, even at low temperatures
  • long term guarantees, in excess of 20 years
Vinyl Ester Glassflake Systems

Flooring Systems

Our flooring systems are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. They give protection from adverse chemical and loading environments.

Our aim is to always provide high quality flooring systems and specialised systems supplied to your specific requirement.

Our turnkey services comprise of:

  • products manufactured and applied in accordance with BS EN ISO 9002
  • site survey and estimation
  • quality assured application from a company capable of delivering a defect-free product every time
  • each contract is project managed to ensure they are completed on time and within budget 
  • Total Assurance Guarantee from a single source throughout the design life

We are able to offer an extensive choice of features that can be incorporated into our products, including:

  • choice of colours
  • hard wearing, high impact resistant range of non-slip and anti-skid finishes
  • self-levelling, solvent-free, abrasion resistant resins
  • range of durable floor topping grades
  • load-bearing epoxy mortars and specialist filler materials
Flooring Systems

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