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a leading provider of products for the chemical treatment of metal surfaces. Chemetall Limited is the UK division of Chemetall GmbH, a recognised leader in the supply of pre-treatment and surface technologies for metal finishing and manufacturing operations. As a key link in this worldwide network of over forty subsidiaries, we have the opportunity to offer our customers a wide range of products spread across a multitude of industries such as automotive, aerospace, rail, appliance, HVAC, steel, cold forming, aluminium finishing, trade coating, coil and pipe coating, road & rail transport and general manufacturing industries.

Chemetall Limited has made great efforts to win accreditation to key quality standards such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. The company believes in excellence in customer service, technical support and product quality. Our technical facilities are the best in the industry, whilst our people are highly skilled and have many years valuable experience. This combination of people, product, facilities and service assurance means that Chemetall can offer a high level of advice and assistance to its customers.

Chemetall's brands are known worldwide in their respective fields. For example:


  • GARDOBOND® for surface pre-treatment processes providing corrosion protection, enhanced paint adhesion or surface lubrication for friction bearing surfaces


  • ARDROX® for cleaners, paint and carbon removers, de-scaling and de-rusting preparations, corrosion inhibiting compounds, metal treatments and materials for non-destructive testing as used in the aircraft industry.


  • NAFTOSEAL® aircraft sealants


  • OXSILAN® silane based pre-treatment processes, for corrosion protection and enhancing paint adhesion.


  • BRITEMOR® for fluorescent penetrants


  • CHECKMOR® for colour contrast penetrants


  • LUMOR® for fluorescent magnetic inks


  • SUPRAMOR® for black magnetic inks


The Chemetall product range includes cleaning products used in the road and rail transportation industry, such as exterior and interior cleaners. In addition we also supply general maintenance products such as paint denaturants for spray booths, floor cleaners for the markets we serve.

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