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Cheshire Wellness UK, more widely known as Cheshire Spas and Pools, designs and builds award winning and innovative spas, swimming pools and heat experience rooms, from traditional saunas and steam rooms to the more exotic mud baths, igloos and meditation rooms.

Established in 1965, the company works for commercial and private clients throughout Europe. the Middle East, the USA and South America.

Cheshire Wellness UK has grown into one of the largest pool and spa shell manufacturing operations in Europe, operating from a current 30,000sq ft factory unit with further expansion planned to cope with the anticipated growth in business.

We offer a complete in-house service from concept to completion from initial design in our design studio to mould making and complete shell manufacturing. We also offer a design and installation service for COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL SWIMMING POOL, HYDRO SPAS, HAMMAM tables and all types of heat experience rooms from saunas to snow rooms.

Cheshire Wellness UK is a member of the Swimming Pool Industry Association (SPATA).

We offer standard S.P.A.T.A (Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association) warranties - see for further details.

Hydro Spas

Our Commercial Hydro Spa range benefits from the most advanced spa technology to arrive on the market to date. using the unique patented jetpack technology system we can offer our customers a fully upgradeable commercial spa, dramatically increasing the life span of their new purchase.

The unique removable jetpaks enable you to upgrade your Hydro Spa as jet technology evolves so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your investment is well protected and always at the cutting edge of spa technology.

The Hydro Spa installation examples below have been individually manufactured to the clients choice of colour and design using a large range of mosaic tiles.

  • Butlins Skegness
  • Thoresby Hall
  • T5 Hotel
  • Stobo Castle
  • Springs Spa

Contact us for more information about our Hydro Spas.

Hydro Spas

Swim Spa

Our Swim Spa range is one of the most versatile ranges we have. The single piece unit design is especially popular with customers who do not want a concrete pool or do not have the space on site for a larger construction. 

All of our Swim Spas are manufactured on our premises to completion, before being delivered to site and then installed in one day. Our Swim Spa range comes in a variety of lengths and widths from 4.3m to 9.5m long and from 2.4m to 4.0m wide. Depth is a standard 1.3m and all units are of freeboard design.

Our Swimspas are available with the following options:

  • 4/6 Profiled Seats
  • 8-20 Jets with Boost Pumps and Venturi Controls
  • Twin-jet Counter Current Swim System with 2No: 2Hp Pumps.
  • 1-4 Lights
  • Stepped Entrance
  • Volcano Pad
  • Air Ring to Seat Edge
  • S/S Water Cannon
  • Jetpack Seat Back Technology (Only available with certain models)
Swim Spa

Special Requirements

We have designed and built a range of Hydrotherapy Pools for special requirements.

Below are some examples of our Hydrotherapy Pool installations.

Contact Us for more information about our Hydrotherapy Pools.

Special Requirements

Furniture Range

Inspired by the Italians love of life, our new range of Spa Furniture combines style and elegance with unique design features.

All the furniture is hand woven using a synthetic and durable material, which is available in a choice of weaves and finishes, from natural tones to vibrant colours.

Furniture Range

Hot Tubs

At Cheshire Wellness we only like to deal with the best. That is why we forged a relationship with Villeroy & Boch to supply and install their Hot Tubs on our schemes. A Villeroy & Boch spa submerges your body then caresses it with millions of tiny bubbles. The wellness benefits are many and long-lasting.

With a range of bubble-jets for different therapeutic needs you can find the perfectone for you. JetPaks™ massage and tone your body while, hydrostatic pressure on submerged parts of the bodyhelp to drain waste products from the muscles. The therapeutic qualities of Hot Tubs have been known for some time, with the warm swirling water offering a haven after a hard day at the office. Hot Tubs are extremely easy to fit and use, and offer an extremely cost effective alternative to a fully fitted mosaic tiled spa.

Contact us for more information about our Villeroy & Boch Hot Tubs.

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We have entered the Industry awards for the last three years and have been successful in winning a wealth of awards including the following:

  • Commercial Pool of the Year 2010 - Gold Award
  • Domestic Pool of the Year 2010 - Gold Award
  • Non-Traditional Pool of the Year 2010 - Silver Award
  • Commercial Pool of the Year 2009 - Gold Award
  • Non-Traditional Pool of the Year 2009 - Gold Award
  • Overseas Pool of the Year 2009 - Silver Award
  • In Ground Health Pools and Spas 2009 - Silver Award
  • Domestic Pool of the Year 2009 - Bronze Award
  • Commercial Pool of the Year 2008 - Gold Award
  • Overseas Commercial Pool of the Year 2008 - Gold Award
  • Pools for Special Requirements 2008 - Bronze Award
  • Domestic Pool of the Year 2008 - Bronze Award
  • Spa of the Year 2008 - Bishta Distinction
  • Conde Nast Traveller Hot List 2008 - Galgorm Manor
  • Day Spa of the Year 2008 - Chessgrove Day Spa
  • Day Spa of the Year 2007 - Wildmoor Day Spa
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