For your emergency process, event and data centre cooling Watkins chiller rental services division have the quietest, most modern fleet of chiller hire units and fan coils and air handlers. The  range of chillers, air handlers & air conditioning units have been designed for a fast installation and start-up.

Watkins Hire have supplied chiller in the following typical applications

  • Business Continuity - Chiller Hire
  • Chiller Hire Data Cente
  • Chiller Hire for Facilities Management
  • Chiller Hire for Manufacturing
  • Chiller Rental - Events
  • Chiller Rental Services - Contingency Planning
  • Event Chiller - Rental
  • Fluid Chiller Hire
  • Hvac - Chiller Rental
  • Liquid chiller hire and rental
  • Industrial chiller hire
  • Mobile chiller hire and rental
  • Portable water chiller hire
  • Temporary chiller hire
  • Packaged chiller hire
  • Air cooled chiller hire
  • Process cooling chiller hire
  • Air conditioning chiller hire
  • Chilled water system hire
  • Industrial cooling systems hire 
  • Closed circuit cooling systems hire


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