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Since 1965, we have supplied equipment and supplies to an assortment of organisations including printers, in-plants, schools, colleges and copy shops. Print finishing equipment is designed to both simplify and speed up the output of most finishing jobs. Chilvers Reprographics also supply a range binders, booklet makers, business card cutters, card creasers, collators, collator & booklet maker systems, digital duplicators , eyeletters, euroslots, ideal guillotines, trimmer, laminators, numbering machines, paper drills, paper folders, paper joggers, padding presses, paper counters, perforating machines, round corner cutters, shredders, shrink wrappers, staplers, squarebacks, tab cutters etc.

We have worked closely with some of the worlds top manufacturers for many years and offer reprographic solutions for all types of media. Established in 1965 we have been trading longer than almost every other dealer in the UK.

Call now for information or demonstration on our range.

Numbering Machines

Numbering is a simple and effective way of organising documents, leaflets, tickets and many more. We supply small hand held numbers to our large suction feed systems. We sell models such as the Morgana FRN5 & FSN which gives a brilliant impression and are competitively priced.

Ideal for numbering standard paper stocks and NCR sets.

All numbers in our range give a professional finish to most types of paper stock. We also have hundreds of numbering boxes in stock to fit FRN/FSN, GTO, MO, Fuji 52, Ryobi, Sakuri Oliver 52/58 and Letherby.

All items are in stock available for next day or next day before 12 to UK mainland.

Paper Guillotines

Chilvers Reprographics are the longest standing independent dealer of Ideal Guillotines  All our guillotines and trimmers align with UK Health and Safety regulations, also part exchange can be offered. Popular models include the Ideal 4850-95EP & Ideal 5222 Digicut both compact and suited for digital marlet.


NEW Ideal 4860-ET is the latest addition to to Ideal range.

The 4860-ET is the ideal solution for print companies looking for a productive small format guillotine packed with professional features. This guillotine is highly accurate with both an optical cut line indicator, electronically controlled backgauge and fine adjustments possible using the infinitely variable backgauge control wheel. Safety is assured thanks to the two handed operation and IR safety curtain.


IDEAL have done a major upgrade of the range for 2014. We where one of the first UK dealers to order and receive some of the best sellers from the updated Ideal range. New models include:


  • Ideal 4305 Guillotine
  • Ideal 4315 Guillotine
  • Ideal 4350 Guillotine
  • Ideal 4705 Guillotine
  • Ideal 4815 Guillotine
  • Ideal 4850 Guillotine
  • Ideal 4855 Guillotine
  • Ideal 4860 Guillotine
  • Ideal 5255 Guillotine
  • Ideal 6655 Guillotine
  • Ideal 6660 Guillotine
  • Ideal 5560 Guillotine
  • Ideal 5560LT Guillotine
  • Ideal 7260 Guillotine


Along with the ideal guillotine range we are one of the UK's largest stockist of guillotine blades/knives for a wide range of manufactures such as Ideal, EBA, Polar, Horizon, Muro, Wohlenberg, Heidelberg, corta etc. Our blades are a far superior quality to most others on the market, invest in our high quality super high speed steel which are highly competitively priced compared to other lower quality blades. Blades are supplied in a wooden holder case except the Horizon PCP-40.

'Established in 1965 we have been trading longer than most other dealers in the UK providing years of knowledge and expertise to our customers'


Hundreds of guillotine blades in UK stock available for next day delivery to UK mainland. Next day or next day before 12 available for delivery to UK mainland.

Binders and Calendar Kits

We supply a wide range of calendar binders and packages, stocking wire, coil/spiral, fastback, perfect binders, plastic comb and thermal binders. Suitable for most copy shops, small businesses, school, implant and any home user.

Popular wire binding models include the Renz SRW 360 which is a compact 3:1 square wire binder with selectable punch pins ideal for odd job sizes and can be used all year round in and out of calendar season.

Pick up a brilliant deal with the calendar packages getting free binding wires, free calendar hangers and wire snippers. We have six packages to select from, the range starts at a small scale with manual binders and calendar thumb cut punches up to the larger electric industrial sized package.

Most packages are in stock available for next day delivery to UK mainland.

All wire binder and calendar supplies / consumables are in stock in a range of sizes and colours at competitive prices. With one of the UK largest stocks of wire binding supplies order now for next day delivery to UK mainland.

Booklet Makers

Our unrivalled booklet makers vary in size and specification, from a table top Rapid 106 to a industrial size DBM-120 and trimmer. All are simply and easy to use making the process of booklet making alot easier.

We supply booklet makers from manufacturers such as Plockmatic, Horizon, Nagel, Rapid, & Duplo. More information or demonstrations available please contact us.

We supply Collator and Booklet making systems, greatly increasing the productivity of any implant, school or home user. Why not see our NEW DBM-120C Mini Suction System The Duplo DSC 10/20 mini suction system is a state of the art suction system. The DSC-10/20 has one of the smallest footprints of any suction feed collator with all the features and advantages of a large industrial unit.

Chilvers Reprographics one of the longest establish Duplo Dealers providing quality service since 1965'

Card Creasers

Our unmatched card creasers are a simple and effective machine allowing you to give a professional finish to most types of stock. Our card creasers range from a small MAG 35 or 46 hand manual creaser to a large scale industrial sized DCM 52/75.

Short run manual creasers ideal for mock ups or small scale jobs when it it uneconomical to set up larger machines.

We also have creasers more suited to digital stocks to help prevent cracking, also some of the range can be adapted to perforate or crease your stock.


There are two main variations of collators we stock. These are either suction or friction feed and the number of bins available for collation. For example Duplo friction feed DFC-100 10 station collator, ideal for NCR, booklets, manuals etc.

We supply friction or suction collators for manufacturers such as Duplo, Watkiss, Horizon & Plockmatic.

Most are compact collator units that can be intergrated with booklet maker and trimming system in the future.

 All are available from Chilvers Reprographics call or sales team or download our range of brochures.

Paper Folders

We supply small bench top low volume folder to high production suction feed folders. Some folders in our extensive range have auto setup features with pre-programmed folds making it simple and easy to change between fold types.

Manufacturers such as Morgana, Duplo, Uchida, Ideal, Horizon, Eurofold & Multigraf. New models such as the Uchida F-30N friction feed benchtop folder and Multigraf Touchline CF375 available to purchase direct from Chilvers.

Established in 1965 we have been trading longer than almost every other dealer in the UK.


With over 50 years of experience our range of laminators can provide support to small home users to large industrial digital printers. From small pouch feed encapsulators such as the Peak PP-330 to a fully automated single sided laminator with an integrated trimmer such as the Fujipla Almiester.

The Matrix laminating range including the Matrix Duo 460, Matrix Duo 650, Matrix MX 370 & Matrix MX 530 are brilliant value for money and built to last. Very simple to operate and available to purchase direct from Chilvers Reprographics UK Matrix laminator dealer.

Also we stock an extensive range of pouches, standard laminating rolls and laminating rolls to suit digital engines. All vary in core size, micron and finish. Encapsulating film, Ultrabind digital film, Ultrabond Hardcoat, Digital OPP, OPP laminating film, wide format laminating film, Fujipla laminating film, Imagecare 320 film, GBC Ultima laminating film etc. Gloss or matt finishes in stock available for next day delivery to UK mainland.

Paper Drills and Punches

At Chilvers we are one of the largest importer of SPC equipment in the UK. We stock a wide choice of electric paper drills from single spindle bench top to industrial multi-hole machines for you to choose from.

Popular models include the SPC Filepecker 60, SPC Filepecker 100, SPC 1-X and SPC twin spindle 60/100 electric paper drills.

We have thousands of paper drill bits and paper punches in stock to fit most manufacturers such as Forest, Concord, Venus, Uchida, Babs, Morgana, Muro, Pesche, Kobold, Nagel, Citoborma, Stago, Hang, Lihit, Soag, Challenger, Funditor, Iram, Spinnet, SPC, Filepecker etc. Only invest in our high quality drill bits stocked and supplied in a range of finishes such as standard steel, teflon, tungsten and titanium for the majority of manufacturers. Made from high quality materials unlike many other lower quality drill bits on the market.

Established in 1965 we have been trading longer than almost every other dealer in the UK.

We are one of the UK's largest stockist with thousands of drill bits in UK stock available for next day delivery to UK mainland.

Perforating Machines

Here at Chilvers we provide a solution to most perforating problems. We stock small bench top perforators, such as the Edgemaster 300 or the Uchida F-47N to large industrial speed perforators such as the Multigraf DCM 52 & 75.

The state of the art new Uchida Aerocut is the complete after print solution, it will crease, cut and perforate up to 350gsm in a single pass feeding stocks such as offset, coated, glossy, UV coated, laminated etc. All processes are controlled by the interactive touch screen display which is simple to use, and is truly one touch set up saving you precious time. The memory function stores up to 78 standard templates to cover most jobs, there are also 50 custom programmes available.


Call for more information or demonstration.

Round Corner Cutters

Round corner cutters give a clean professional finish to your document removing and rounding the edge. Various radius sizes are available for our Warrior range of round corner cutters. We stock and supply the Warrior manual round corner cutter and the Warrior electric heavy duty round corner cutter.

The Warrior desktop corner rounding machine supplied complete with a 6mm round corner cutter. Ideal for round cornering card, laminated work and even some plastics. This robust machine can handle up to 10mm stack of stock and the round corner cutters are easily changeable. Other round corner cutters available are 3.5mm and 10mm.

The new heavy duty Warrior round corner cutting machine is the premier electric round cornering machine combining state of the art manufacturing with an affordable cost.
The Warrior heavy duty round corner is an ideal high productivity round corner taking up to 70mm stack height, approximately 700 sheets of 80gsm paper. This machine also includes a foot switch which allows you to keep both hands free to move your stock around quickly and efficiently.

Call for more information or demonstration on these products. Once again both of them are stocked available for next day delivery to UK mainland.

Shrink Wrappers

Our first-class shrink wrapper of choice is the Minipack RP-55 a simple, fast but economic shrink wrapper. This is made to give professional quality packaging in an affordable compact machine.

Most types of shrink film is stocked by us and is available for online, email or phone purchase.

Paper/CD/Hard Drive Shredders

Our reliable Paper shredders instantly destroy documents, offering you information security. We supply a full range of professional shredders covering all security levels.

Energy Saving Mode "ESM"

The new energy saving feature comes with many office shredders and is both environmentally friendly and part of the Ideal safety package. Whenever the shredder is idle for some time, the stand-by function is automatically deactivated and the shredder switches off completely

Safety Protection System "SPS"

"SPS" is a series of safety and usability features many of which exceed international safety requirements. Automatic safety stops due to 'paper jam', 'door open' or 'full' are clearly signalled by colour lights. A transparent feed flap allows the operator to see any problems but stops the shredder immediately if opened. Other key features include automatic reverse to prevent paper jams, double motor protection against overheating, electronic door protection with magnetic proximity switch, and energy saving mode.

Electronic Capacity Control "ECC"

"ECC" system indicates the maximum document thickness the shredder can handle to ensure continuous feeding without creating paper jams.


We stock an impressive range of staplers for edge stapling, long arm stapling, pad stapling and booklet making. As one of the UK's largest Rapid dealers, we have most models in stock.

Machines such as the Rapid 106 electric stapler, Nagel enak heavy duty pad stapler, Rapid 5050, Rapid 5080, Rapid Duax, Nagel Multinak FS, Nagel Multinak S, Ideal 8250, Etona 260 pad stapler etc

Along with stapling machines we stock one of the most comprehensive ranges of staples in the UK. All manufacturers are competitively priced available for next day delivery to UK mainland.

100,000's of staples in stock for Nagel, Rapid, Duplo, Etona, Horizon, Plockmatic, Stago, Ideal, Kas, Winterling, Swingline, Stiching wire etc.

Established in 1965 we have been trading longer than almost every other dealer in the UK.

Used / Pre-owned Guillotines

Print finishing equipment is designed to both simplify and speed up the output of most finishing jobs. Chilvers Reprographics stock a wide range of new and pre-owned equipment all at the highest standard. Machines such as Guillotines, Collators, Wire Binders, Paper drills and more.

Models such as used / pre-owned Ideal 4810, Ideal 4850-85EP, Ideal 5221-95EP etc.

Used / Pre-owned Print Finishing Machines

If you are not able to justify the cost of new equipment for whatever reason, used or pre-owned equipment could be a good option for you. Our machines are cleaned, serviced and tested, and are sold at competitive prices. As one of the largest stock holders of used or pre-owned equipment we have an excellent range for you to choose from.

  • Used / Pre-owned Binders
  • Used / Pre-owned Booklet Makers
  • Used / Pre-owned Business Card Cutters
  • Used / Pre-owned Collators
  • Used / Pre-owned Collator & Booklet Maker Systems
  • Used / Pre-owned Creasers
  • Used / Pre-owned Eyelet Machines
  • Used / Pre-owned Foiling Machines
  • Used / Pre-owned Paper Folders
  • Used / Pre-owned Guilltoines & Trimmers
  • Used / Pre-owned Graphics Equipment
  • Used / Pre-owned Laminators
  • Used / Pre-owned Numbering Machines
  • Used / Pre-owned Paper Drills
  • Used / Pre-owned Paper Joggers
  • Used / Pre-owned Padding Press
  • Used / Pre-owned Perforators
  • Used / Pre-owned Shrink Wrappers
  • Used / Pre-owned Spinetapers
  • Used / Pre-owned Staplers
  • Used / Pre-owned Tab Cutters
  • Used / Pre-owned Round Corners


Established in 1965 we have been trading longer than most other dealers in the UK providing years of knowledge and expertise to our customers


Much more equipment is available to us, please phone 01908 563149 with your requirements.

Please note used equipment is not available to buy on-line due to being one-off machines and could be sold at any time.

Call for more information or demonstration.

Print Finishing Supplies and Consumables

We have thousands of reprographic supplies and consumables in stock. Our highly dedicated customer service advisors are available six days a week Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:30 and on Saturday 09:00 – 12:00, to discuss your reprographic supplies and consumables requirements.

Most items in stock available for 'Next Day' delivery or 'Next Day Before 12' delivery to UK mainland. Items available to purchase direct online with simple and fast payment methods.

Our range includes:

  • Binding Covers
  • Binding Screws (Interscrews)
  • Binding Rings
  • Business Card & Compliment Slip Boxes
  • Calendar Hangers
  • Creasing Bones
  • Double Sided Finger Lift Tape
  • Digital Laminating Film
  • Fujipla Laminating Film
  • Paper Drill Bits
  • Paper Punch Pins
  • Paper Drill Bit Base Boards
  • Duplo Du-printer Supplies
  • Rotatrim Edgemaster Supplies
  • Eyelets (Stationary Eyelets)
  • Fastback Binding Supplies
  • Double Sided Fingerlift Tape
  • Glue Dots
  • Guillotine Blades
  • Guillotine Cutting Sticks
  • Hardback Personalised Book Cover
  • Laminating Pouches
  • Laminating Roll Film
  • Numbering Machine Supplies
  • Padding Glue
  • POS Display Products
  • Hot Melt Glue
  • Plastic Comb Binding
  • Round Corner Cutter Accessories
  • Shredder Bags & Oil
  • Shrink Wrapping Film
  • Self Adhesive Pockets & CD Holders
  • Staples & Stiching Wire
  • Spiral / Coil Supplies
  • Spinetape (Linen Tape)
  • Swatch Fastners
  • Wobblers
  • Wire Binding Supplies

New Supplies Products

Soft Silk Touch Digital OPP laminating film has very good adhesion to most digital prints for most digital outputs and will also work on litho and copier print. Ideal for single or double sided laminating giving your print a bespoke soft silk finish.

Matt - 35 Micron.77mm Core, 500m roll length.


TUNGSTEN Standard fitting paper drill bits will fit many makes of paper drill machines including Forest, Concord, Venus, Uchida, Babs, Morgana, Muro, Pesche, Kobold, Nagel, Citoborma, Stago, Hang plus others.

Tungsten paper drill bits are the ultimate long life drill bits and are ideal for difficult stocks or where you need the drill bit to stay sharp for longer. Sizes from 3mm up to 9mm.

Standard fitting paper drill bits with drilling depth of 50mm and a total length of 85mm (3 & 3.5mm are shorter) in diameter sizes 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8 & 9mm.

Standard 11mm shank.

Most items in stock available for 'Next Day' delivery or 'Next Day Before 12' delivery to UK mainland.

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