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Since 1965, we have supplied equipment and supplies to an assortment of organisations including printers, in-plants, schools, colleges and copy shops. Print finishing equipment is designed to both simplify and speed up the output of most finishing jobs. Chilvers Reprographics also supply a range binders, booklet makers, business card cutters, card creasers, collators, collator & booklet maker systems, digital duplicators , eyeletters, euroslots, ideal guillotines, trimmer, laminators, numbering machines, paper drills, paper folders, paper joggers, padding presses, paper counters, perforating machines, round corner cutters, shredders, shrink wrappers, staplers, squarebacks, tab cutters etc.

We have worked closely with some of the worlds top manufacturers for many years and offer reprographic solutions for all types of media. Established in 1965 we have been trading longer than almost every other dealer in the UK.

Call now for information or demonstration on our range.

    20 December 2018

    There is still time to get your orders before Christmas! You have until Friday 21st to place your orders for delivery on the 24th December. All orders placed after 4pm on the 24th will be dispatched on the 2nd of January.

    We will be closing for Christmas at 12pm on Monday 24th December and re-opening on the 2nd of January.

    We wish everyone a happy Christmas and a great new year!

  2. Trimfast 430 Guillotine
    26 October 2018

    The Trimfast 430mm manual paper guillotine is ideal for schools, colleges, offices, craft centres, mailrooms or small printers. It can cut up to A3 size paper and a 20mm stack height. Used for cutting paper or card down to size required.

    The guillotine is very easy and safe to use with transparent front and rear covers. The back gauge scale is in both mm and inches.

    The LED Red cutting line indicator is powered by two batteries. No mains power supply required.

    The floor stand is included but if required you are also able to remove from stand for bench top use, there are four rubber feet under the guillotine for this purpose.

    In our view this guillotine is a great upgrade from an office paper trimmer or where customers do not need the advanced features of larger electric guillotines.

    Dimensions H-1060 x W-640 x D-700mm / Weight 48kg.

    Trimfast 430 Guillotine
  3. Calendar Season Is Here
    28 September 2018


    Calendar season is upon us and we have some complete calendar packages available that include FREE wires, FREE hangers plus FREE  delivery to UK Mainland. Calendars are both easy to make and profitable. Ideal for printers, copy shops, education departments, companies large and small.

    Here at Chilvers Reprographics, we have thousands of calendar making supplies in stock ready for next day delivery (to UK Mainland). Want to see a short video on just how easy it is to make Calendars....No problem, each one of our Calendar package pages has a video to show you.

    Don't forget to stock up early on calendar hangers...

    We supply four sizes of wire calendar hangers 57mm, 76mm, 102mm and 350mm. Each size is available in three colours White, Black or Silver. All are available to purchase online in quantities of 100, 1000 or 3000 with a range of offers available on greater quantities purchased.

    If you have any questions regarding calendar making please give Chilvers Reprographics a call on 01908 563149.

    Calendar Season Is Here
  4. Guillotine Blade / Knife Sharpening
    29 August 2018

    Here at Chilvers Reprographics we are often asked what's one of the biggest mistakes we see made in guillotine cutting operations?

    We find ourselves repeating the same thing over again when servicing paper guillotines, "You're not replacing your dull knife/blade often enough". Many owners and operators of guillotines do not truly understand how the condition of the knife/blade affects the quality of the cut.

    Its amazing how many times we service a guillotine that isn’t cutting well and all we have to do is install a sharp blade/knife for it to be in perfect working order again. Most operators will continue to cut until they experience problems and only then decide its time to change the knife/blade which is probably way past the point it needed changing. Power guillotines today are extremely strong and will cut through a stack of paper with a very dull knife. What operators don’t realize is how much wear and tear this puts on the guillotine. With repeated use of dull knives/blades you cause a lot of premature and expensive damage to the machine and obviously the cut quality also suffers. This could all be avoided by keeping a sharp knife in the guillotine.

    A customer, who was using their guillotine everyday, with stock that included everything from plain paper to card to digital stock was unsure why they were having problems as they had put a sharp knife/blade in the guillotine the month before. You have to consider not only how often and how much the guillotine is in use but also the stock you are cutting, for example if you are cutting grey board then the knife/blade may well need changing daily.

    If your guillotine struggles to cut a 1mm off-cut cleanly and the off-cuts are clumping together in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s then the knife/blade is not cutting cleanly through the paper stack, this is a sure sign of a dull knife/blade that needs replacing or sharpening.

    Guillotine knives/blades can be re-sharpened many times over.  Re-sharpening is cheap so it’s a false economy when compared to the cost of replacing the guillotine.

    In summary, the simple practice of keeping  a sharp blade/knife in your guillotine will keep it running smoothly and remember to always keep a spare sharp blade at hand for when its needed. Book a blade re-sharpen here

    Don't forget the cutting sticks will also need changing regularly.  We stock a wide range of guillotine blades and cutting sticks, in stock ready for same day dispatch when ordered before 4pm.

    Guillotine Blade / Knife Sharpening
  5. New Range of Laminators
    1 August 2018

    Introducing a new range of two compact desktop digital laminating machines, the Multi-Lam Foil FX and Multi-Lam Burst. This new range incorporates many features normally found on far larger and costly semi-automated laminating systems in a compact desktop design, offering very high quality laminating with either foiling effects or sheet separation/burst.

    Both variants include the high quality, high pressure Chrome Impact Laminating Roller with 1,400 Watt Infra-Red Heater and accurate integrated thermal measuring probe which ensures perfect temperature control at all times. These machines offer high performance, high speed single & double sided laminating with integrated 18 stage Anti-Curl bar at speeds up to 4.8 metres per minute. Traditional encapsulation is also possible if required for sheets up to 330 mm wide and films up to 250 Micron.

    Operators are assured control of the Multi-Lam series with the integrated table sensor, this Infrared Sensor is located directly before the Chrome Impact roller and will stop the machine if a sheet is not present at the input, this simple mechanism ensures that you cannot run the machine without material passing through. The importance of this mechanism becomes clear on single sided applications as without media in the machine the film exposes to the lower roller and wraps around creating a costly and awkward to remove jam on the machine. Standard desktop machines do not have this mechanism which makes them more difficult to use and much slower to ensure that sheets can be fed reliably to avoid errors.

    The Multi-Lam Burst offers a semi-automated single or double sided laminating solution with the ability to burst or split each sheet as they exit the machine, this creates a finished lay flat sheet ready for guillotining. An integrated Perforation device on both the top and bottom roller punctures the film as it is unwound and fed into the machine, the burst tool is positioned between the front and rear pull rollers and simply splits the sheet using an impact roller before neatly delivering the materials into the catch tray.

    The Multi-Lam Foil FX also offers a semi automated single or double sided laminating solution but without the burst function. Instead, the Foil FX is designed to offer digital printers a low cost compact laminating machine which also incorporates the ability to foil, also known as dry coating. The Foil FX has a rewind on the machine exit which can be used for a number of functions, most popular is the ability for the rewind to remove the waste foil during the foiling, dry coating process. The location of the rewind enables the operator to feed laminated sheets which are then wound on to the rear roller, this automates the process and removes the need for a 2nd operator at the machine rear to split the sheets. As the roller also winds in reverse to the film webbing it also acts as an anti-curl mechanism for thinner materials, which can be split once the job is complete. The Multi-Lam Foil FX incorporates a high capacity re-winder on the machine exit which can be used to create the latest foiling effects, also known as dry coating. These effects have become the latest must have accessory for all digital printers with many of the traditional laminating manufacturers now promoting this technology at every opportunity. This technology is all about adding value, offering effects normally associated with specialist processes, now you can quickly and easily add many bespoke touches to your digital print work, requiring no special tools or training. There are many foil colours available including Gold, Silver and Holographic plus spot UV effect.  Dry coating is cost effective in comparison to more expensive traditional foiling methods. If you already have a foiling solution and just require a low to mid volume laminating solution for single or double sided laminating then the Multi-Lam Burst is the answer.

    Here at Chilvers we always have a large selection of Laminating / Encapsulating Roll Film and Foil in stock.

    New Range of Laminators
  6. Gemini Guillotines
    11 July 2018

    Chilvers Reprographics are pleased to announce a new range of four professional guillotines.  All models have light beam guarding as standard and are packed with features to help speed up guillotine work.

    The range starts with the Gemini 490 (490mm cutting width) with a feature rich and highly productive small format paper guillotine that is packed with professional features. The 490 guillotine is highly accurate (within 0.2mm accuracy) with a bright Red LED cut line indicator to make positioning easy. The guillotine has a large easy to use touch screen and an electronically controlled back gauge with fine adjustments. Safety is assured thanks to the 2 handed operations and Infra Red (IR) safety curtain that is fitted as standard. All this for an amazing introductory price of just £3295.00

    Moving up the next three models are all hydraulic cut and clamp, available in three cutting widths, 520mm, 560mm and 670mm. The hydraulic range is totally revolutionary and offer high-speed professional cutting power and are paired with large 270mm colour touch screens. This enables easy setup for complex cut procedures such as business cards.

    Gemini Guillotines are relatively new to the UK but have been extremely successful in Canada and the USA for nearly 10 years with the latest models now including a wide range of features that you would usually only find on much larger, more expensive equipment.

    For more information on the Gemini range of guillotines see here or give us a call on 01908 563149 to discuss your requirements. You may even be able to part exchange-trade in your old guillotine.

    Gemini Guillotines
  7. Ideal 4860 Guillotine's
    27 June 2018

    Today we have a pre-delivery inspection on two brand new Ideal 4860 beam guard guillotines, all ready for delivery to their new homes later this week.

    Chilvers Reprographics run a full test check before delivery.

    If you are looking for the benefits of light beam guards in a small guillotine then the Ideal 4860 is in our view Ideal!

    The beam guard ensures the highest level of safety plus approximately 20% saving in time compared to a guillotine with a perspex guard.

    Ideal 4860 Guillotine's
  8. Welcome To Our New Website
    22 May 2018

    We have updated our website in order to keep pace with the latest online needs of our customers, including the latest mobile friendly features. Why not bookmark us on your mobile phone today.

    Customer details from our old website have been transferred to our new website, but for security reasons, some details have not been transferred, including previous orders, passwords and marketing preferences. You will need to reactivate your account to retrieve the details from your account on our old website. Please follow the instructions below to reactivate your account.

    Account Reactivation:

    1. Click 'Login' from any page, then Click 'Sign up'.
    2. Enter your details including the same email address used to login to your account on our old website. Click 'Subscribe to our Newsletter?' box if you wish to receive our email newsletter.
    3. Click 'Sign Up'.
    4. If 'I'm Not a Robot' box appears, follow the instructions, then Click 'Submit'
    5. You will see a message saying an email has been sent to your email address and to follow the instructions.
    6. Check your email, you will have received an email with the subject 'Customer account activation'. Click 'Activate your account' button.
    7. Now enter your new password and confirm, then Click 'Activate Account'.
    8. You will be directed to your account which will show your name, email address and primary address on the left side of the screen. You will also receive an email to confirm your account has been activated.

    Please email us at if you are experiencing any issues while reactivating your account.

    Welcome To Our New Website
  9. Largest Stockits Of Wire Binding Elements
    2 May 2018

    Chilvers Reprographics offers one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of wire binding elements stocked available for next day delivery. We have wires that will bind documents from 2 to 250 sheets (80gsm), A4 and A5 lengths.

    Colours available: Black, Blue, Red, Silver and White.

    Prices start from as little as £9.95

    Order yours online today and receive FREE delivery if your order total is over £100!…/consumables/wire-binding.html


    Largest Stockits Of Wire Binding Elements
  10. Guillotine blades
    10 April 2018

    A sharp blade is the most important aspect of guillotining. We understand that your guillotines are in constant use and downtime needs to be kept to a minimum. That's why we stock one of the widest ranges of blades for the top manufacturers such as Ideal, EBA, Polar, Horizon, Muro, Wohlenberg, Heidelberg, Perfecta, Schneider Senator etc. Our blades are a far superior quality to most others on the market, only invest in our high quality super high-speed steel which is highly competitively priced compared to other lower quality blades.

    Guillotine blades
  11. IDEAL 4850-95 EP Guillotine Delivered And Installed
    19 March 2018

    By Blossom produces contemporary Wedding Stationery you'll fall in love with. Richie and Heather work from their studio in Kent designing a wide selection of beautiful high quality and bespoke Wedding Invitations, Save the Date cards, RSVPs, Information Cards, Wedding Signs and Stickers, Table Plans and Thankyou cards.

    They wanted to invest in a quality guillotine that could speed up production. After speaking with Chilvers they decided on a pre-owned Ideal 4850-95 EP electric guillotine which produces a very high level of accuracy even when cutting a ream of up to 500 sheets of paper.

    Supplied fully serviced with a sharp blade fitted, blade change tool, manual and new cutting stick. It was delivered and installed by one of our knowledgeable engineers who were able to give Richie training on site.

    Chilvers Reprographics wish By Blossom great success for the future.

    For more information on Ideal Guillotines or any other new or used machines please contact Chilvers Reprographics on 01908 563149.

    IDEAL 4850-95 EP Guillotine Delivered And Installed
  12. Chilvers Reprographics Machinary High In Demand
    14 March 2018

    Our quality pre-owned equipment is high in demand and being sold almost immediately as they are advertised on our website. We have six machines sold and being sent out already this week! All machines are cleaned, serviced and tested by our expert engineers giving you complete confidence and peace of mind. If you see a machine of ours that you are interested in, make sure you contact us as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

    Chilvers Reprographics Machinary High In Demand
  13. Pre-owned Guillotines In Stock
    16 February 2018

    If you are in the market for a guillotine, why not take a look at our pre-owned stock list saving you £££'s of the cost of a new machine. Many different sizes in stock ranging from 390mm up to 520mm with high spec features such as light beam guarding. As always, all our pre-owned guillotines are cleaned, serviced and tested by our specialist trained engineers ready to provide you with years of service.

    Pre-owned Guillotines In Stock
  14. Chilvers Reprographics YouTube
    23 January 2018

    Keep up and stay ahead of the game by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Be the first to see the very latest print finishing machine demonstrations and detailed walkarounds of our pre-owned equipment for sale -

    Chilvers Reprographics YouTube
  15. Gower College Guillotine
    15 January 2018

    Gower College in Swansea has a very busy reprographics department  Debra the reprographics manager required a range of new machines including a Morgana FRN Numbering and perforating machine and a guillotine, Chilvers were able to supply, deliver and install the machines. Their old guillotine also needed to be stripped down before it could be removed.

    Ideal guillotines are renowned for their build quality. Their old guillotine (made in 1988) had been in position for so long that new flooring had been fitted around it!. Although it has given them years of reliable, professional performance but as the guillotine was now nearly 30 years old spare parts would become a problem.  So decided to stick with IDEAL and go for a new 5260 model, with many new features including light beam guarding, touch pad and power back fence.

    Also installed was a new Morgana FRN5 numbering and perforating machine to speed up a verity of jobs that had previously been done on slower machines. The Morgana also offered them different perforating wheel options plus auto feeding.

    For the full Ideal guillotine range, please see our website. Alternatively, if you have any questions please give us a call on 01908 563149 or email us

    Gower College Guillotine
  16. Duo 130 Stapler
    11 December 2017

    Duo 130 multi-function stapler for both flat and booklet stapling, primarily used for short run booklet making. The Duo is a manual booklet making or pad stapling machine requiring no electric. Ideal for clubs, schools, colleges and printers.


    • Cheap to buy and cheap to run, the only cost is the staples.
    • Easy to use
    • No electric required - Can be used anywhere.
    • Booklet (saddle) stapling - up to 40 sheets (80gsm) at a time
    • Flat (pad) stapling - up to 60 sheets (80gsm) at a time
    • Takes 24/6, 24/8 and 24/10mm staples
    • Clamps to edge of desk or bench - Easily removed when not in use
    • Side guides to register booklets
    • Dimensions - H-550mm x W-360mm x D-240mm
    • Weight - 6kg
    Duo 130 Stapler
  17. IDEAL Guillotines
    17 November 2017

    If you are looking for a guillotine that will provide you with years of professional performance, then an IDEAL guillotine is for you. Renowned for their build quality and reliability, IDEAL guillotines are the No 1 choice for many printers, copy shops and schools. Chilvers Reprographics is one of the UK's longest established IDEAL guillotine suppliers, contact our sales team for friendly advice and discounted pricing.

    IDEAL Guillotines
  18. Pre-owned Duplo DBM-120 Booklet Maker In Stock
    7 November 2017

    The Duplo DBM120 Bookletmaker is a reliable and versatile booklet maker that can be a hand fed/standalone unit or work in line with other Duplo collators. It can run at speeds of up to 2,400 booklets per hour and its simple, automatic set up means it is perfect for short-run production. A built-in corner/side stapling facility means this can be used without having to move or replace other staple heads. 20 sheets of 80gsm paper can be run through the DBM120 allowing for booklets of up to 80 pages to be made. The machine will automatically set the correct staple depth after the operator inputs how many sheets are being sent through, meaning a strong, secure bind every time. As standard, the Duplo DBM-120 is capable of producing booklets from A3 to A5 in size.

    Highly productive
    Quick auto set up
    Create80 page booklets
    Small booklet kit available
    Can be linked to DBM120 Trimmer
    Can be linked to collators
    Staple heads hold 5,000 staples each

    Now on sale for £1750 plus VAT

    Pre-owned Duplo DBM-120 Booklet Maker In Stock
  19. Chilvers supply package of New & Used machines
    16 October 2017

    Here at Chilvers Reprographics, we supply both new and used machines to many Large National companies.

    We recently sold a used EBA 485 EP Guillotine and a Plockmatic Collator/booklet making machine plus a new Renz wire binder and Calendar making machine, an A2 size laminator and a Rapid 106 Stapler to a large national company in Manchester who having bought similar packages from us for their sites in Cardiff, Slough and London knew exactly who to call.

    Manager Paul has always been very pleased with the service provided by Chilvers and the mixture of both new and used machines fitted his budget. The equipment was delivered installed and training given to staff.

    Chilvers supply package of New & Used machines
  20. Calendar Season Is Here
    2 October 2017

    Calendar season is upon us and we have some complete calendar packages available that include FREE wires and hangers plus FREE delivery. Calendars are both easy to make and profitable.  Here at Chilvers Reprographics, we have thousands of calendar making supplies in stock ready for next day delivery.

    See Calendar packages here

    Stock up early on calendar hangers...

    We supply four sizes of wire calendar hangers 57mm, 76mm, 102mm and 350mm. Each size is available in three colours White, Black or Silver. All are available to purchase online in quantities of 100, 1000 or 3000 with a range of offers available on greater quantities purchased.

    See Calendar hangers here

    If you have any questions regarding calendar making please give us a call on 01908 563149.

    Calendar Season Is Here
  21. Eyeletter Special Offer
    1 September 2017

    10,000 FREE eyelets and FREE next day delivery! Special offer available on our JYSC Eyeletter range whilst stocks last.

    Hand-lever stationary eyelet machine model Joiner DOC-JYSC4 is a fully portable table top hand operated eyeletter. The eyeletter simultaneously inserts and clenches the eyelets in one operation. The transparent hopper holds approx 1200 eyelets which are fed automatically down the chute to the eyelet dies with every pull of the handle. The JYSC4 takes the industry standard No.24 and No.25 eyelets in Brass, Nickel or oxy Black finish. The heavy weight of construction ensures many years of trouble free operation, the handle has a soft-grip for a more comfortable use. The eyeletter is suitable for many applications including luggage tags, clothing labels, Wills, and security documents, rotator calculator wheels, product headers, this eyeletter has a deep throat depth up to 165mm, while the adjustable back and side lays ensure accurate positioning of the work.

    • Table top hand operated, simultaneously punches and inserts eyelets in one operation.
    • Solid metal construction for years of use.
    • Hopper holds approx 1200 eyelets and automatically feeds eyelets.
    • Transparent hopper.
    • Soft-grip handle.
    • Eyelets in Gold or Silver colour.
    • Approx 15 sheets (80gsm paper).
    • Eyelet size internal hole 4mm
    • Accepts No.24 and No.25 Eyelets
    • Side and back guide with a max. back depth of 165mm.
    • Back stop depth up to 165mm.
    • Eyelets are a great way to strengthen nail-up calendars.
    • Ideal for a large number of applications including show cards, tickets, luggage tags, security documents, wills, price lists etc

    Eyeletter Special Offer
    4 August 2017

    Seen one of our products cheaper elsewhere?

    Prefer to buy from Chilvers Reprographics, a trusted supplier since 1965?  Give us the opportunity to match that price!


    As part of our commitment to bringing you the highest quality at the lowest prices, should you find one of our products on sale elsewhere at a lower price, we will do our very best to match that price.

    If our product is cheaper elsewhere:




    Please call us on 01908 563149 or email with evidence of that cheaper price, and give us the opportunity to match that price.




    To verify the offer we will need to know the retailer, their price and if you have it, the web page on which the product is advertised cheaper.



    We will respond as soon as possible to your enquiry.


    For us to consider matching or beating that price:-


    • Price matching must be agreed prior to purchase

    • The product must be new and be of identical specification and branded the same

    • The price must be current, sold from the UK and excluding VAT at the current rate

    • The price must be verifiable as current and correct by Chilvers Reprographics, and not be a pricing error

    • Any price matching will include comparable services including delivery where applicable

    • The product must be in stock at the competitor and available for immediate purchase or delivery

    • The product must be on sale to the general public from a retail outlet (including online stores)

    • We are unable to price match against offers on auction websites, private sales, market stalls, liquidation sales, trade-only discounts or trade warehouses

    • Gift vouchers offers are not included

    • All price matching is at the consideration and discretion of Chilvers Reprographics

    • Our price-match policy is not a guarantee and may be withdrawn at any time

  23. Bindomatic Binders Now Available At Chilvers Reprographics
    20 July 2017

    Bindomatic thermal binders are now available from Chilvers Reprographics. From small and manual machines to ground breaking automated systems. Why not take a look at the full range we supply here -…/binders-calen…/thermal-binding.html

    Bindomatic Binders Now Available At Chilvers Reprographics
  24. New Hot Melt Binding Glue
    10 July 2017

    The latest super EVA Planamelt R glue for hot melt perfect binders offers very high adhesion and is designed for digital printed stock as well as Litho printed stock. It works well with most makes of Perfect binding machines that use EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) glue. The new glue has been developed by German adhesives specialist Planatol and is now available in the UK. With a working temperature of 160º the glue has been tested on Duplo and Horizon binders. If your having issues with adhesion on digital stock why not try Planamelt R Digital hot melt glue. Very good lay-flat characteristics 13 N/cm 170gsm High oil resistance Outstanding strength Low odour Sold in a convenient 10kg box

    New Hot Melt Binding Glue
  25. Pre-owned Nagel 490 Paper Drill
    7 July 2017

    Nagel 490 paper drill in exceptional condition just into stock.

    Includes four new drill bits, new sharpener kit and instructions manual. Ideal for four hole paper drilling, two hole drilling or single hole drilling.

    Huge saving on the new price of £13,990.

    This paper drill is 3 phase electrics
    Four spindle.
    Table lift, power stroke,
    2 drill speeds.
    270mm throat depth.
    Up to 10mm drill bits (up to 20 if one spindle used with optional chuck).
    Minimum distance between heads 45mm.
    3 phase electrics.

    For more information please call on 01908 563149.

    Pre-owned Nagel 490 Paper Drill

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