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Axess4All are the leading supplier of platform lifts in the UK and are experts in the field of access for people with impaired mobility. With an established history of design and installation, the Axess4All team are leading authorities in providing flexible access solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial spaces. Our free consultation service provides the opportunity to discuss individual needs with one of our expert technical team, ensuring a cost effective solution that will not only met your practical requirements but also your aesthetic expectations.

Having Cibes Lift AB, the largest lift company in Europe as our parent company, means Axess4All can stay at the forefront of service and development.

Our platform lifts come with a 12 month warranty and a 24 hour customer care line. You can ensure a prolonged life-span of each installation through our on-going maintenance package.

A1000: Incline Stair Lift
The A1000 wheelchair Incline Stair Lift is a flexible and versatile solution that is suitable for both internal and external use.

The unit can be wall or stanchion post mounted to almost any staircase. With the standard or a special size platform, the stair lift can be adapted to fit the majority of applications, which include stairs with mid landings and the requirement for the unit to travel around a corner or bend.

A2000: Step and Stair Lift

The A2000 Step Lift is suitable for both internal and external applications and has a maximum vertical travel distance of 1000mm. With half height glazed or steel gate at the upper landing and an automatic retaining ramp at the opposite end, the unit is suitable for wheelchair users or parents/carers and pushchairs with a capacity of 300kg.

A3000: Hydraulic Platform Lift

The A3000 Short Rise Vertical Platform Lift incorporates a glazed full height gate at the upper level, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a safe, secure and smooth ride.

A4000 Home Lift

The A4000 Home Lift has been specifically designed for private homes. The A4000 is the perfect blend of advanced lift technology and stylish design, providing the perfect access solution throughout your home, whilst complimenting not compromising the aesthetics of the setting.

A5000: Vertical Platform Lift

A popular choice for both industrial and commercial use, the A5000 is the perfect solution. With no requirement for a separate machine room, this is the perfect choice for installation in an existing building as well as new. The low installation and usage costs make this a great alternative to a conventional lift.

A6000: Cabin Platform Lift

New to the UK market, the A6000 cabin lift is a cost effective solution for enabling accessibility for both existing and new residential and commercial buildings. There is no requirement for an external machine room as the lift is based on a screw and nut drive mechanism with all the machinery installed internally.

Easy to install, the A6000 is the perfect solution where a conventional lift is not a viable option.

A7000: Platform Lift

As with all the Axess4All lifts, the A7000 Platform Lift has been developed with the main focus on smart aesthetic design and engineering expertise. The result is a new generation of modern state of the art platform lifts which combine new materials with the latest technology.

A8000: Large Capacity Platform Lift

The A8000 is a flexible and robust lift with an increased rated load of 1000kg. The larger capacity and platform makes this lit the perfect solution for not only accommodating heavier loads but also loads that are longer in length as it has the option of a maximum size of 1405mm wide x 2480mm long.

A9000: Fully Enclosed Cabin Lift

The stylish Platform Cabin Lift is characterised by its luxury and comfort, which is echoed by its high quality and well-thought out design. The cabin lift comes with a mirror and stylish light fitting as well as a moulded handrail, which is smart and aesthetically elegant.

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