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Oxford Professional Old Cine Film, VHS Analogue & Digital Tapes, Audio Conversion Specialists to DVD, CD, USB & Hard Drives 

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29 Banbury  Road Kidlington Oxfordshire OX5 1AQ

Converting old Cine film standard 8 and super 8 cine film, 9.5mm old cine film and 16mm cine film is our speciality.  Trust the company that local business and private clients use.

16mm Cine Film, 9.5mm Cine Film, 8mm Cine Film, Analogue Tapes VHS, VHS-C, SVHS Tapes,Video8, Digital8, Hi8 Digital Tapes to DVD, Mini DV Tapes, Mini DVD, DVCam Tapes, Audio Reel to Reel Cassettes,  Vinyl Albums, Voice O Graphs, Standard and Micro Audio Cassettes, Audio Restoration and Enhancement, Slide Scanning, Slide Negative Scanning, Old Photograph Scanning,  Walk In Video Editing Suite


Transfer your 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm Cine Film to DVD

Transferring your 8mm cine film, 9.5mm cine film or 16mm cine film to DVD or editable file is very safe and does not damage your film.  We understand the importance of your orders, that they are sentimental and very precious. With this in mind your orders are handled with sensitive care, ensuring the process of CINE film conversion is smooth and stress free.  Both your original CINE film and the completed DVD transfer will be returned to you.


Introductions and Captions Additions to CINE Film


Our specialist walk in video editing suite is perfect for adding sound tracks, captions, introductions and other modifications you require.  We can record voice overs and overlay the footage.  With our walk in studio, you can sit with one of our talented and friendly staff whilst they make the changes to your film. No need to book, if we are free then we will happily support you.


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Cine Moments are sister company to Oxford Duplication Centre, of whom are the official supplier to Oxfordshire County Council,  NHS, Macmillian Trust, Sobell House, Oxford University, B4 Business Network, Oxfordshire Jazz Federation.  We cater for all Oxfordshire, offering excellent discounts on units over 5 mixed tapes.  



Based in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, we are one of the only genuine companies that offer in-house professional video tape and old cine film to DVD, CD, USB or editable file for both PC and MAC computers.  

Sister company to Oxford Duplication Centre, we are Oxfordshire's multi digital film and audio specialists, for all your digital requirements.

We are the leading digital transfer specialists supplying to both corporate and private clients. Our testimonials speak for themselves

Transfer your Slides, Negatives and Old Photos to DVD

Quality technology and software are required to professionally transfer slides and negatives, even old glass slides and valuable photographs.  Our transfers are carried out at our studio using high end frame by frame scanning process for all film.  


Transfer your Analogue VHS, VHS-C and SVHC Tapes to DVD

Convert your old VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes, and SVHS tapes to DVD or editable files.  We can add captions, menues, music and voice overs to prepare beautiful lasting family memories.


Transfer your Audio Cassettes and Vinyls to CD

Oxford Duplication Centre specialise in preparing old kodak or any other cine film, analogue tapes, all format film, tape and audio cassettes, vinyls and video editing, audio restoration, video restoration and post production services.


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