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Cirrus Research plc is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of sound level meters, noise meters, noise dosimeters, environmental noise monitoring systems and acoustic transducers.

Our products are used across and wide and diverse range of applications including Occupational Noise, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Noise Measurement, Vehicle Noise Testing and Airport Noise Monitoring.

With 40 years experience of innovation and customer support, backed by our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Quality Management Systems, Cirrus is dedicated to noise measurement.

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Noise at Work & Occupational Noise

Cirrus Research plc can provide a range of noise measurement equipment designed to aid in the compliance with Occupational and Industrial Noise Regulations, such as the UK Noise at Work Regulations, OHSA and many others.


Environmental & Airport Noise Monitoring

Environmental noise, caused by traffic, industrial and recreational activities is one of the main local environmental problems in Europe and the source of an increasing number of complaints from the public.


Noise Monitoring from Construction Sites

Construction sites can produce a lot of noise, from vehicles, heavy equipment and machinery.

Noise can be an issue for construction workers as well as local residents.


Vehicle & Motor Sport Noise Measurement

Many people experience noise from road traffic. Ensuring vehicles meet noise limits can help to control this noise source. Noise from Motor Sport activities can also be a source of environmental noise complaints.


Transducers for Test & Measurement Systems

Cirrus provides a range of precision microphones, preamplifier and acoustic calibrators for use with test and measurement systems. A wide range of accessories to support these products is also available.


Entertainment Noise Measurement

Musicians and workers in the entertainment industry are often exposed to high noise levels.

Measuring and controlling the risk of noise exposure is essential.


Application Notes & Information Documents

Read our library of application notes and product information sheets.


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