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... your source for all IT-related products from the Citizen Group of companies.

Citizen Systems Europe operates from locations in the UK and Germany covering Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Citizen offers a range of thermal label & barcode printers, portable and dot matrix printers, mini and POS printers as well as printer mechanisms and kiosk solutions. These are sold in to markets as diverse as industrial, retail, healthcare and mobile applications.

In addition, a wide range of calculator products from pocket, desktop and scietific models.

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Barcode & Label Printers

Desktop - ( CLP 521, 621, 631 - 1001, 2001 )
Mid Range - ( CL-S700 -CLP 7201e )
High Performance - ( CL-S700R ) 
Narrow Format (2-inch) - ( CT-S281L )
High Resolution - ( CLP 631 - CL-S703 - CLP 8301 )
Wide Format - ( CLP 8301 )
Narrow Format - (CT-S281L)
High Resolution - (CLP 631 - CL-S703 - CLP 8301 )
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Barcode & Label Printers

Dot Matrix Printers

9 pin Desktop - Swift 90e
Ideal for invoice printing on multi-copy paper, manifest printing for shipping and logistics or as a journal printer for telephone systems

  •  9-pin printhead
  •  80 column print width
  •  100% compatible with Swift 120e
  •  Multicopy: 1 + 4 copies 
  •  Flexible paper paths: rear, bottom and top feed. 
  •  Parallel interface standard. Serial standard on 120e
  •  8-inch / 200 mm print width 
Mini Printer / POS - Complete Range
For point-of-sale receipt printing, kiosks, restaurant & retail and whole range of applications for 2, 3 and 4 inch wide dot-matrix printers.
  • Complete range of point-of-sale printers for receipt printing 
  • Up to 4-inch print width 
  • Easy-to-use Hi-Lift™ metal mechanism 
  • Compact size 
Dot Matrix Printers

Portable Printers

4-inch wide (104mm) - (PD24, PD24B)
104mm, 4" print width 
 Bluetooth™, USB, IrDA & Serial interfaces 
 Battery, mains or vehicle operation and charging 
 50mm paper roll 
 Drop-in paper loading    2-inch wide (48mm) - (CMP-10)

 48mm, 2" print width 
 Bluetooth™, IrDA & Serial interfaces 
 Lithium Ion battery 
 50mm paper roll 
 Magnetic card reader option   2-inch wide (48mm) - (PD22)

48mm, 2" print width
IrDA & Serial interfaces 
AA batteries: alkaline or rechargable NiMH 
30mm paperl roll 
Drop in paper loading 
Portable Printers

Mini and POS Printers

Thermal Boxed Printers - ( Complete Range )

Line thermal head - quiet operation 
Paper widths from 58 mm to 112 mm 
Desktop, wallmount, panel mount and portable products 
Range of interface types including USB, Parallel, Serial and Ethernet 

Impact Boxed Printers - (Complete Range )

Impact dot matrix - multicopy and standard papers 
Paper widths from 58mm to 89mm in roll format and also 'slip printing' 
Multicopy up to 3-ply paper. 
Parallel and serial interfaces standard

Kiosk Printers - (Complete Range )

Line thermal head - quiet and quick operation 
Paper widths from 58 mm to 82 mm 
Metal chassis for stable integration 
Range of interfaces 

Mini and POS Printers

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