CitySync's JetBase ANPR Software Engine is commonly known as being the most precise and sophisticated engine worldwide. Developed over ten years, the engine utilises numerous advanced processes for both number plate finding and Optical Character Recognition.

The extreme pace of the CitySync ANPR software engine is unbelievable - with processing times of up to 500 images per second on a standard 2.4GHz Dual Core PC.

This leads to incredibly high accuracy and multiple lane processing. This very useful combination of speed and accuracy is commonly absent in alternative products leaving the CitySync Jet Engine as the only wise and dependably choice when weighing up mission critical installations such as combined Traffic and Counter Terrorism/Homeland Security.

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CitySync JetSuite ANPR Software

Products offered with the CitySync JetSuite ANPR Software applications include:

  • CitySync JetBase Live - CitySync JetBase Live observes traffic using ANPR cameras and logs any passing vehicles. It uses an in-built proprietary database to look up any registration numbers as the vehicle comes near and presents any available data.
  • CitySync JetBase Review - CitySync JetBase Review provides quick, simple searching of history files based on full/part plates, time & date ranges, etc. and will show log entries with any related acquired images. It also offers facilities for analysing traffic patterns, including graphs of vehicle movements during fixed time periods.
  • CitySync JetStream - CitySync Network ANPR system control program. This application connects numerous clients to a central server, where events from up to 1000 lanes from multiple clients can be amalgamated. It can also transmit the event data to a number of mirror servers or remote reviewing stations.
  • CitySync JetWatch - A CitySync watchdog application that checks components of the CitySync JetBase product suite are running, including applications as well as cameras, informing the user if any systems go down. It can restart applications that have closed unexpectedly. It also receives remote alarms from other ANPR PCs.
  • CitySync Jet Database Server - A centralised vehicle database management application that controls all database lookup queries and editing for a range of database platforms.
  • CitySync Jet Online - A web-based log viewer for screening ANPR reads, and editing database records, all via a web browser.

CitySync Jet JTMS Software

CitySync 's Jet-JTMS is a modular Journey Time Monitoring System based on CitySync ’s precise Jet Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software.

Infra red cameras are situated at crucial nodes around a city or along motorways. These cameras read vehicle registration plates in real time as traffic travels through. Exact ANPR processing takes place in the camera or at the roadside and the data is constantly transferred back to a central JTMS Server which processes this traffic data and generates accurate journey time data for any set of nodes. This data can then be exported to other traffic management systems.

An easy-to-use graphical interface allows intricate systems to be set up and maintained in an understandable and useful way. Maps or schematic images can be used as backdrops to the JTMS system view for greater clarity.

In the background the extremely accurate CitySync ANPR, clients transmit data through to the JTMS Server which hosts and presents the JTMS calculations. The real time JTMS engine runs very effectively as it constantly matches License Plate for each vehicle in the system.

CitySync Jet-BOF ANPR Back Office Suite

CitySync 's Jet-BOF is a completely functional back office system offering storage, matching and reporting of ANPR data using an industry standard Microsoft SQL server database.

It is a dominant and entirely scalable solution intended to handle sizeable and complicated fixed sites, in-car and mobile ANPR systems for high-end users such as police, customs, local authorities etc.

Jet-BOF is able to receive, process and store millions of reads per day along with their related plate and overview images or motion video clips. This data can be archived and stored for many years if required.

Comprehensive management facilities permit the user to intelligently cleanse the stored ANPR data facilitating records to be stripped from the archive based on particular rules or time scales. The design and architecture of the system is extremely modular enabling it to be tailored to suit specialist customer applications.

The client and management applications are supported by either a desktop windows application or a web-based interface permitting numerous operators to link securely to the CitySync Jet-BOF server via any remote PC with a standard web browser and internet connection. (Requires Microsoft JVM or Sun Java).

CitySync Jet-BOF is designed to facilitate each user to organize and be in charge of their own local ANPR settings. Although, for extra security, “rights-based” accounts are designated to operators enabling the administrator to manage in fine detail each users overall environment, this can be based on Cameras, PNC, Hotlists etc.

This fundamental tool permits the administrator to manage user records on a “need to know” basis allocating control over delicate information during specialist operations. Powerful user features allow operators to completely interact with the ANPR environment in real time.

i.e. the ability to correct misreads on the fly, recheck against the matching database criteria and redistribute these corrections system wide.

CitySync JetVelocity Software

JetVelocity, CitySync 's speed detection software module, calculates vehicle speed from a solitary ANPR camera whereas historically two cameras would have had to be deployed.

JetVelocity uses the new CitySync JetCam Fox High Definition ANPR camera.

As the CitySync Jet ANPR Engine is extremely fast and reads every registration plate numerous times this permits the system to monitor a vehicle and calculate the speed as it passes through the field of view. Each acquired plate position is documented along with the precise time of the plate grab. The first two reads are used to work out the speed of the vehicle and a third read is used to calculate approximately the acceleration of the vehicle. The speed can be estimated to an accuracy of a few percent.

Plates are captured a number of times. The distance from the camera and the precise time of grab are used to calculate the speed and acceleration of the vehicle.

CitySync JellyBean Police Mobile ANPR Camera

The JellyBean is CitySync ’s aerodynamic ANPR camera – intended for both police mobile and fixed medium range use. It has a CitySync-constructed small yet stylish housing with both a monochrome infra red ANPR camera module and a colour overview module enclosed.

The high quality optics joined with the newest generation compact LED technology to produce a camera that is both light and powerful. When mounted on a vehicle roof, the low-profile aerodynamic design minimises resistance letting police vehicles achieve higher speeds than with several other cameras.

Outputs include twin composite PAL signals and simultaneous multiplexed output combining both camera feeds down one composite cable. This means that both the ANPR and the colour overview camera can be plugged into one (supported) frame grabber port, which there are often only one, on some MDTs and laptops.

CitySync’s JellyBean is ideal for users who want an inconspicuous camera for traffic management.

CitySync JellyBean Police Mobile ANPR Camera

CitySync JetCam Fox-i Intelligent ANPR Camera

CitySync ’s JetCam Fox-i Intelligent ANPR camera is intended for use in situations where it is required to process the ANPR images at the point of capture. Alternatives include transferring all video back to a central control room or using a rugged roadside processor such as the Blackbird or Silverbird mounted in a waterproof roadside cabinet. Whilst the roadside processor is very powerful, the installation costs can be high, therefore it can prove prohibitive for some situations.

The CitySync JetCam Fox-i is built around a new generation 1GHz processor running Embedded Windows™ with 512MB of DDR2 SDRAM and up to 64GB of flash memory.

The integral ANPR camera has a High Definition resolution of 1280 x 960 for operation on wide or dual lanes, Toll Plazas or site entrances of over 5m in width. A voluntary day / night colour overview camera is obtainable to acquire not only the plate details but also a colour contextual image of the event.

The resulting system draws on negligible power and is quick enough to process at full frame rate as each vehicle passes the camera at high speed, resulting in one of the most accurate intelligent ANPR cameras on the market.

CitySync JetCam Fox-i Intelligent ANPR Camera

CitySync JetCam Fox HD Camera

CitySync ’s JetCam Fox HD Dual GigE ANPR camera is intended for use in situations where high resolution ANPR images are needed for instance, dual or wide traffic lanes. In these situations two analogue cameras often have a 'blind spot' between the lanes and three cameras are usually needed for 6m wide fields of view. Such bunches of cameras can look unattractive and are costly to fit.

Two lanes of traffic can be observed with one Fox HD camera.

Standard analogue ANPR cameras cannot be used in circumstances where more vertical resolution is need for instance as in DSRC Tagging systems. (Dedicated Short Range Communications).

In such cases cameras are normally mounted high (6-7m) and are required to read plates of vehicles within the standard DSRC range (7-12m). This increased vertical angle results in distorted plates which can just be read at high accuracy by using high resolution vertical imaging. The JetCam Fox HD camera provides this.

The CitySync JetCam Fox HD has a horizontal resolution of almost 1400 pixels easily covering 6-7m of road. The increased vertical resolution of over 1000 pixels is used by the Jet ANPR Engine which is able to capture several images as vehicles pass resulting in increased recognition accuracy. The vertical resolution maybe linearly traded off against frame rate if needed.

CitySync JetCam Fox HD Camera

CitySync JetCam Analogue ANPR Cameras

CitySync ’s JetCam Fox analogue series of ANPR cameras present low cost solutions for number plate recognition 24 hours a day. The camera housings go well with CitySync ’s modular design philosophy providing an array of solutions within two inventive camera housings.

The cameras are intended to work with the Infra Red retro reflective properties of number plates. The lighting and filtering technologies employed conquer issues associated with traditional CCTV cameras such as headlight glare.

The CitySync JetCam Cub provides the ideal solution for barrier and site entrances and is obtainable in 6m, 12m and 18m alternatives. Each camera offers 3m wide area to be viewed.

The CitySync JetCam Fox offers a wider selection including:

• 6m, 12m, 18m, 25m, 35m and 40m capture ranges
• ANPR camera module for plate capture
• Day/Night camera module for obtaining contextual images of the vehicle
• White light preference where non-reflective plates are needed to be captured

CitySync JetCam Analogue ANPR Cameras

CitySync JetMate Hand-Held ANPR System

 CitySync JetMate is CitySync's hand-held Automatic Number Plate Recognition unit.

CitySync JetMate is a completely transportable hand-held ANPR unit operating CitySync 's internationally valued ANPR Engine and a choice of application software. The device is sold with a choice of Windows CE or Windows Mobile Operating Systems.

CitySync JetMate speeds up the process of gathering registration plates in the field by up to 30 times over manual collection. The registration plates can be instantly verified against a database or later downloaded depending on the application.

CitySync JetMate uses the latest Casio technology and has a high definition on-board camera and 128mb or RAM which will permit the ANPR engine, application software and up to 5000 number plates and vehicle images to be captured in one session.

The device is pointed at the number plate of stationary vehicles. The number plate is read, an image of the camera view and the plate patch are displayed on screen, along with the interpreted plate details.

The device can also contain a 'hit list' of up to 10 million wanted vehicles and once the number plate is captured it can be checked against the hit list in real time. If a match is found then an audible warning tone is sounded as well as an suitable message or information displayed on screen.

When CitySync JetMate is placed in its cradle for recharging all the gathered data (including plate images) can be instantly transferred to a host PC.

CitySync JetMate Hand-Held ANPR System

CitySync JetCam Bollard

CitySync’s JetCam Bollard series of cameras provide optimal operation for access control systems 24 hours a day in changing lighting and weather circumstances. The housing offers a mounting for the ANPR camera at roughly the same height as front number plates, diminishing the concerns with line of sight issues such as tailgating or queuing traffic.

The cameras are intended to work with the Infra Red retro reflective properties of number plates. The lighting and filtering technologies engaged overcome concerns connected with traditional CCTV cameras such as headlight glare.

CitySync JetCam Bollard

CitySync JetCam Hippo IP Module

CitySync ’s JetCam Hippo IP Module changes any analogue PAL camera into an IP piece of equipment which can then be linked to a PC or a network hub for ANPR processing via a standard Cat5 network cable. No frame grabber is required.

Numerous new buildings and construction sites nowadays only utilize IP network connections for all their video needs choosing not to use standard RJ45 analogue video cables. Using IP decreases video interference and installation costs - but no IP cameras are existing that can supply high quality Infra Red images 24 hours per day appropriate for reading retro reflective plates without headlight dazzle or smear. Most IP cameras use CMOS devices and are usually employed for surveillance.

The CitySync JetCam Hippo IP Module is merely linked to any standard CitySync JetCam ANPR camera to change it into an IP device which then links to the ANPR processor using a standard 100 Base-T network connection. The device uses a proprietary codec and is obtainable as a standalone unit or as an OEM PCB device for integration into camera housings. Two parallel video channels can be processed at the same time facilitating 2 x ANPR camera connections or 1 x ANPR and 1 x colour overview camera using the one Cat5 cable.

CitySync JetCam Hippo IP Module

CitySync JetGrabber Cards

CitySync offer a selection of video grabber cards to suit all requirements and budgets. Each card is fully tested with the CitySync Jet Engine and variety of ANPR hardware.

JG-201 Video Capture Card
• 4 video inputs
• Quick switching between channels
• High quality imaging
• PCI 32bit, 33MHz, 5V
• 1.7W (240mA @ 5V, 10mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V)
• FCC Class B & CE
• 1 camera 50fps, 2 cameras 10fps, 3 cameras 7fps, 4 cameras 5fps

The JG-201 is the principal PCI capture board specially designed for video surveillance applications with multiple cameras. The JG-201 aids the acquirement of full resolution colour images together with the square-pixel resolution (640 x 480 or 768 x 576).

Up to 4 composite video signals are captured straight through the standard BNC inputs. The quick switching capability provides an optimized frame rate for all acquisition conditions.

JG-4DB Expansion Card
• 4 video inputs per card
• Up to 3 JG-4DB can be connected to a single JG-601 

CitySync JetGrabber Cards

CitySync JetFox in a Box

If you require an ANPR solution to operate covertly then CitySync ’s Fox in a Box is for you. The components of an intelligent system are all set in a rugged housing which looks similar to a basic power supply.

Situated within the box is a small processor board containing a Digital Signal Processor and a number of other parts of dedicated video processing hardware. The resulting board uses nominal power, operates very cool and is quick enough to process quite a few frames as each vehicle passes the camera at high speed, resulting in one of the most accurate intelligent ANPR system on the market.

Designed for Rapid Deployment applications, the Fox in a Box can be linked to any PAL ANPR camera. Hidden ANPR cameras can consequently be integrated for covert surveillance operations.

This intelligent solution processes the ANPR images at the camera site removing the need for costly underground cabling and installation. As an alternative, images are transmitted via TCP/IP over a network connection – or via the on-board 3G modem router.

The unit can buffer up to 1 GByte of event data internally for later transmission.


CitySync JetFox in a Box

Silverbird Processor

CitySync’s Silverbird ANPR Remote Processor is a extremely compact PC platform operating Windows XP Professional. It is perfectly suited to remote ANPR operations where space is at a premium and a small, hard wearing unit is needed, able to withstand the rigours of roadside processing.

The compact processor may be located in remote roadside cabinets or CCTV column bases. The powerful dual core processor and GigE connectivity allow the connection of analogue or HD ANPR cameras with colour contextual overview cameras.

The Silverbird operates the powerful Jet Automatic Number Plate Recognition software which means that ANPR cameras no longer required to be linked to a central processing place using costly fibre connections.

Instead, camera images can be processed at source and the ANPR data (text and / or images) can be transferred to base as needed using much less bandwidth than real-time video. Data can be transmitted to servers using WLAN, GPRS or WiFi.

Silverbird Processor

Blackbird Processor

CitySync’s Jet Blackbird ANPR Remote Processor Unit is a small and powerful PC platform operating XP Professional. It is perfectly suitable to remote ANPR usage where a compact yet hard wearing unit is needed able to withstand the rigours of an industrial environment.

The 19” unit may be situated in roadside cabinets or CCTV column bases and connects directly to up to four ANPR cameras or two ANPR and two colour overview cameras.

The Blackbird operates the powerful Jet Automatic Number Plate Recognition software which means that ANPR cameras no longer need be linked to a central processing location using expensive fibre connections. Instead, camera images can be processed at source and the ANPR data (text and / or images) can be transmitted to base as required using much less bandwidth than real-time video. Data can be transmitted to servers using WLAN, GPRS or WiFi options.

Two 3U Blackbirds can be fixed back to back in place of a standard 4U rackmount PC. This is an excellent feature when rack space is at a minimum.

Blackbird Processor

JetPlain - Entry Level ANPR System

CitySync’s JetPlain is an entire Automatic Number Plate Recognition System delivered in one box. It offers a low cost solution for single and dual lane applications without negotiating on excellence. CitySync's powerful Jet Recognition Engine is key, used world-wide in mission critical security and law-enforcement applications.

JetPlain contains an on-board database which the software uses to match against on-coming vehicles, the software then shows any identified driver and vehicle details. The system will also open barriers using the optional relay card or sound an audible alarm.

One box contains all you need to get started:

• Tower PC with Windows 7 operating system
• 19” TFT Monitor with Audio
• Keyboard and Mouse
• JetPlain software (recognition and application)

The JetPlain system is easy to set up. Cameras are linked to the PC using a standard coaxial cable. Factory settings permit the system to start reading plates as soon as the camera is in situ. Overview cameras can be added to the system to provide a colour contextual image of the vehicle if needed.

JetPlain - Entry Level ANPR System

Jet Mobile In-Car ANPR System

CitySync’s JetMobile In-Car ANPR system has a police-friendly interface which contains big clearly identified buttons allowing an officer to easily interact with the software during vehicle operation. The touch screen option eliminates the need for a keyboard while audible number plate alarms can be processed with a couple of button pushes.

Cameras can be inconspicuously mounted inside the police vehicle permitting the officer to capture plate images covertly and verify all plates against 200 hotlist databases in real time.

Jet Mobile is an easy-to-use ANPR system that can be set up on your existing laptop or in-car processor. It can frequently operate with an existing DVR system offering considerable cost savings. Police users can choose from a selection of cameras to meet challenging ANPR requirements.

JetMobile™ can capture number plates from vehicles travelling up to 150mph. Two ANPR cameras can be linked to a single Panasonic CF-29 laptop or equivalent using the low cost CitySync IP converter. Up to eight cameras can be linked using the powerful ‘Jet Bluebird™’ in-car ANPR processor. The Bluebird™ has an on-board battery backup and can collect both video and audio concurrently for evidential purposes.

The system has an optional GPS mapping system which not only helps the officer to navigate, but also shows recent hits on an interactive map. At the end of a shift all recorded plates can be wirelessly uploaded to the Jet Back Office Suite™ together with all the day’s hits. The data contains plate details, officer’s notes, GPS data and colour images of the suspect vehicles.

New hotlists can then be synchronised and downloaded to the vehicle in time for the next shift.

Jet Mobile In-Car ANPR System

Jet RoadRunner Commander ANPR System

CitySync’s RoadRunner Commander is a rugged mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition System intended for vehicle or temporary fixed site use.

Quickly deployed in minutes, the Commander will read plates from up to four lanes of fast moving traffic at the same time. Designed to be used by field operators for information gathering and enforcement, the unit has full real-time database and multiple hot-list matching with alarm processing.

The housing is built to military standards and is entirely sealed to stop penetration from rain or dust. The units are designed to survive 15G accelerations and 1 metre drops. In addition the RoadRunner can operate in temperatures of 0°C to 55°C.

The RoadRunner provides low power consumption and heat generation allowing improved battery operating life whilst the 14.1" sunlight readable LCD allows the unit to be used outside of vehicles.

Communication with control is easy using the internal GPS/GPRS/GSM module or the optional 802.11b compliant wireless card.

Jet RoadRunner Commander ANPR System
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