CK Group Trading as CK Polymers


Ths CK Group is Europe's leading provider of recycled plastic regrind

We are a fast growing, dynamic company and a market leader in waste plastic collection, recycling and distribution of plastic regrind.

Collectively we are one of the largest buyers and sellers of recycled waste plastic and regrind.  We source from UK and Irish based plastics recycling companies, waste management companies, or directly from manufacturers and retailers who produce large volumes of plastic.

We then facilitate the sale of high quality plastic regrind and compound to a network of customers located across the UK and Europe. We also have a sales office based in Hong Kong which facilitates the sourcing and onward sale of plastic materials on a global basis in the Far East and Asia.

Our laboratory testing facility is one of the most highly regarded in the industry which helps us to add value to relationships and produce products of consistent quality.

The CK Group comprises the following divisions:

CK Polymers - Waste plastic collection, recycling, and regrind sales

CK Compounds - 100% recycled plastic compound to the plastics moulding industry

CK Services - Wheeled bin distribution, kerbside recycling and logistics.

CK Hong Kong - Global sourcing of recycled plastic for customers in Asia and the Far East.

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