Clairoy Maintenance Chemicals Ltd



Suppliers of Oil Spill Response Kits and Specialised Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals

Clairoy specialise in safe products for cleaning, degreasing, lubrication, descaling, disinfecting, floor painting, paint and carbon stripping, drain unblocking, odour and grease control, hand care products.

Exocet Granules sink to the problem area then produce heat to dissolve grease, fat and hair, helped by a chemical formulation which also produces a pleasant lemon odour.

C14 Tap & Shower Descaler is a safe easy to use descaling cleaner which quickly removes rust, corrosion, mineral deposits, algae, concrete and scum.

H1 Urinal Descaler is a balanced formulation of powerful cleaning and germicidal agents for effective total sanitation.

G7 Cleans Everything a heavy duty water soluble safety solvent which cleans any washable surface.

The expertise of managing director Mick Thomas enables these products to be applied in a very effective manner to best suit the clients' needs.


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