Clare Auction


The market town of Clare, Suffolk has a tradition of a regular auction that reaches back hundreds of years. For the last 30 years the auctions at Clare have specialised in antiques, collectables and general effects, and we are delighted to continue this long held tradition.

Clare Auction provides an ideal location for vendors and buyers to gather. Sales are held in the Town Hall which is located in the centre of the Town with easy access to all of the amenities.

There are excellent facilities in the town including pubs, cafes, restaurants, B&Bs and a hotel. There is also a collection of independent shops offering everything from hardware, newspapers and confectionery to gifts, books and antiques.

selling at Clare Auction

To enter a lot into the auction you need to be registered and verified as a vendor

Selling at Clare Auction is easy and cost effective. Unlike other auctions, we do not charge a commission on the sale price, we don't charge a minimum lot fee and we don't charge an unsold lot fee either. instead our vendor pricing matrix is based on the auction estimate or reserve price.

You pay a one off fee to enter a lot and nothing more.

Buying at Clare Auction

Buying at Clare Auction is simple and cost effective. We deliberately keep our buyers premium to a minimum so as to protect dealer margins and stimulated confident bidding. This benefit sellers and buyers and us because confident bidders pay more for quality items which in turn attracts more people to sell at Clare Auction.

You must be registered and verified before you may bid at Clare Auction

To register and be able to start buying at Clare Auction you must complete a Buyer Registration Form and provide photo ID (for individuals) or headed paper (for limited companies). These should be submitted at the auction office on the viewing day or sale day in order to be verified and for you to receive a buyer number

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