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Clarus is a people oriented strategy and change management consultancy. We pride ourselves on working with clients to unlock strategic value, by helping them to manage and accelerate change, restructure their organisation, or re-engineer their business.

We do not believe in ready made solutions, so our approach is pragmatic and bespoke and centred around your "real" needs. We believe that change is only ever successful when driven by deep organisational commitment - in other words your people understand and support what you need to achieve.

Our goal is to consistently help clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in both their performance and their effectiveness.

Strategy Development & Alignment

We understand the importance of creating the right long, medium and short terms strategies to enable you to gain both competitive advantage and increase the profitability of your organisation. It is essential that your organisation is aligned both in words and actions around your strategy and this must be demonstrated consistently by the executive team. Whilst people, processes and technology are key facts for consideration, geography and cultures must also be taken into account. Alignment is critical to ensure organisational buy-in and to deliver results effectively and rapidly.

Change Management

To effectively manage change, it is necessary to gain deep organisational commitment for the need to change. Our experience tells us that there are 3 key elements in managing change and these are: “Rational”, “Emotional” and “Political”. Most change programmes fail not because the rationale behind the change is wrong but due to a lack of understanding of how to address two key questions relating to the change:

  • What’s in it for me
  • How will this affect me

Organisational Design

Creating an organisational structure is one of the toughest and most politically challenging tasks an executive will face. With our experience we can guide and support you in developing the most appropriate structure for unlocking value, whether it’s related to a governance issue, an operating model redesign or generating a change of focus.

In our experience this is more than a paper exercise - it’s a chance to fully engage your organisation and also reinvigorate your people to unlock their true potential.

Operational & Process Improvement

We believe that in all operational and process re-engineering circumstances, people, process and technology must be considered holistically.  The approach to any process improvement should not be just about unlocking the value but how to ensure it is sustained through installing a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation. To us, therefore, it’s not just “what” you do to unlock the value but “how” you sustain this value over time by building the right culture. It is much more about your people than most organisations realise.

Technology Effectiveness

In this constantly evolving environment, ensuring alignment of processes and technology to the overall strategy is key to gaining a competitive edge. Our approach to technology effectiveness is based on two principles: “total business integration” and “fit for purpose”. Our experience in this area means we can not only can we assess an organization’s technology environment in terms degree of alignment to the overall business objective, but can also assist in extending the life of the current technology portfolio while investing prudently for the future.

Programme Turnaround

In the challenging and turbulent environment that we all work in, it is common for factors to change and throw up challenges for programmes. Without the right knowledge and experience these challenges can threaten timescales, budgets, or results, therefore reducing the prospect of successful delivery. We can provide a fast review of a programme and suggest actions to mitigate any challenges that it may be facing or we can provide experienced resources to bring a programme back on track once the review has been completed.

Executive Coaching

Executives often have a lonely job operating at the top due to the increasing demands being placed on them to inspire the organisation and enable it to delivery extraordinary results. However, very little guidance is given throughout their careers to become these leaders, and as a result very few Executives are naturally good “all-rounders”. We find that everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, and it is our aim to help Executives develop a balance by providing a sounding board. We provide coaching on a one-to-one basis, which is focused on assisting our clients in raising awareness around their critical issues and challenges, thus helping them find the best solutions to address them.

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