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Classic has evolved from being a broad-line stocking distributor to becoming a customer centric solutions provider for supply chain management and reverse logistics. We employ extensive research and analysis to anticipate our customers’ needs as well as to track and predict the multitude of trends occurring in the global electronics marketplace. Our financial strength and proprietary analytics gives us the flexibility to customize our services and products to meet specific customer demands and applications.

By working with the world’s largest OEM’s and EMS companies, we have learned how to identify, design and execute complex programs with multi-national corporations. This experience is not limited to only our largest customers; the same tools and resources are available at all local offices, for small and medium sized companies. Again, it is Classic’s flexibility and commitment to service that make us the independent distributor of choice for many of the world’s leading OEM/EMS companies.

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Procurement Services

Our goal at Classic is to treat every requirement and customer as a unique opportunity to provide extraordinary service. All of our sales and procurement professionals have received extensive training to identify unique customer solutions.

Supply Chain Services

Many companies in the electronics distribution supply chain today are experiencing an increasing trend towards extended payable terms. This latest effort at improving cash-to-cash cycles can foster an adversarial environment that places undue pressure on strategic partners across the supply chain; while having an adverse impact on the scope of products/offerings that can be adequately supported to drive value creation.


At Classic, we recognize the need for our Customers to ‘liberate’ as much working capital as possible in an effort to engender continued growth and business expansion aimed at maintaining competitive advantage borne from costly research/development activities

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