Clausen OHG - Treble-Light Special Lighting


Fire brigade supplies: Our floodlights are modular designed and suitable for almost any application, due to their individual accessories. Suitable as operation lighting in fire-fighting or ambulance service.

LED worklights: Our LED worklights are perfectly suitable for use with batteries, due to their low energy consumption. They can be stored directly after use and they provide a high luminous efficiency.

Floodlights: Luminous power of our LED floodlight POWER LED 18000 amounts to 18.000 lumen (at 168 watt). Perfect for turnable ladders, Iveco turnable ladders and Rosenbauer turnable ladders.

Xenon worklights: Our Xenon flood- and worklights achieve a very broad lighting range, due to usage of H.I.D. bulbs (D2S). Xenon lamps, Xenon floodlights, fire brigade lights, light towers.

Our products: spotlights, fire-fighting supplies, led workplace spotlights, lighting systems for riding arenas, hand-held lamps, portable accumulator search lights, gas discharge lamps, working spotlights, searchlights, xenon worklamps

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