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Welcome to Cleaning Supplies; the UK's leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of industrial workshop cleaning rags and general cleaning cloths.

All of our cleaning rags, cleaning cloths, wipers and polishing cloths are 100% recycled materials!

Established in 1971, we now have a range of industrial cleaning rags, workshop wipers and polishing cloths that are second to none; supplying over 30 different grades to an ever increasing variety of end user. Many grades are even tailored to customers' specific requirements from throwaway workshop rags to general purchase hand rag wipes to all-round, high quality, multipurpose wipers. So whatever your requirements are we will find a cloth to suit you!

Also, we have a wide range of high end cleaning cloths and professional polishing grades for specialist use.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality products at great prices with a service second to none!

Industrial Cleaning Rags and Wipers

We now have an extensive range of cleaning rags/wipers and cloths because requirements need to work efficiently in a multitude of environments; from oil spills to engine and shipping to intricate electrical etc. We feel we have built a range to cover all these requirements.

 For example:

  • Hand Rag Wipes
  • General Purpose Cleaning Rags
  • Wipers and Wiping Cloth Rags
  • Lint Free Special Purpose Wipes and Printers Cloths
  • Industrial Cleaning Cloths, Rags and Heavy Duty Rags
  • All Grades of Hand Wipers
  • High Quality Soft Polishing Cloths
Industrial Cleaning Rags and Wipers

Recycled Cleaning Rags and Cloth

With a thought to saving the planet, it is good news that industry can help save trees (paper products etc. cause massive forest devastation) by using recycled materials, which would otherwise go to landfill. All of our rags, wipers and cleaning cloth come from UK recycled sources.

All of our products are produced in the UK at our manufacturing base in South Wales and while the market is being flooded with "cheap" imports we feel it is very important to keep our whole operation here where we know exactly what is being produced for our customers' requirements!

Recycled Cleaning Rags and Cloth

Nationwide Delivery with Unbeatable Product and Service

We believe that we have unbeatable products at very competitive prices with first rate service.

Goods are shipped nationwide on a daily basis. So give us a call today for advice or a quote!

Nationwide Delivery with Unbeatable Product and Service

Garage Workshop Cloths, Rags

We supply the following nationwide:

  • Garage Oil Rags
  • Workshop Cleaning Cloths
  • Maintenance Wipers
  • Car/Wood/Metal Polishing Cloths
  • Governmental Contract Cotton Rags/Wipes
  • Shipping Engine Rags
  • Also Reconditioned 'A' Grade Boilersuits
Garage Workshop Cloths, Rags

Printers Cloths

Within our extensive cleaning supplies product range we offer printers cloths. As well as printers cloths, we supply cleaning rags, industrial wipers, lint free printers cloths and polishing cloths.

  • T shirt wipers
  • Flannelette cotton sheeting/squares wipers
  • Towelling wipers
  • Synthetic rag
  • Polishing cloth
  • Specialist grade cloth
Printers Cloths
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