Cleveland Corrosion Control


We offer rubber lining vulcanising for protection against corrosion and chemical attack. We have a range of experience working with both cured and uncured compounds. Furthermore, we offer one-off specialist rubber mouldings for short production runs and prototypes.

We can advise on different options of rubber lining vulcanising using different types of rubber compounds specific to your requirements. We can discuss the options and properties of natural, ebonite, butyl or neoprene rubber.

Our services covers pipe work, tanks, and vessels and launder chutes as well as conveyor rollers and impellers. We can also manufacture rubber linings for agitators, valves and pump housings.

Fibreglass And Plastics

Our fibreglass and plastics department provide fabrication and repair of many different components like, large tanks, chutes or small trip trays.

We aim to suit your requirements and produce projects in a range of resins and plastics including chemically resistant resins. We can fabricate fibreglass tanks, pipes and flanges. We also offer plastic welding and repairs to fibreglass and PVC pipework.  

Our fibreglass and plastics team have diverse experience of working with materials used in harsh conditions and are specialists in anti-corrosive applications.

Specialist Coatings And Linings

Our specialists in coatings and linings have a range of materials suitable for tanks, pipes or casings. We specialise in components where high use and chemical resistance are issues.  Every project is individually assessed to maintain high quality and protection.

Our specialist coatings and linings team can repair and refurbish old or damaged plants. This includes work in ceramic and basalt tiles, various chemical and wear resistant expony, and specially developed silicon compound.

We also offer flakeglass coatings for extreme protection and coatings that can be applied internally or externally where chemical attack is probable.

Signpost And Milepost Restoration

We provide signpost and milepost restoration for local authorities and for the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Many old signposts and mileposts are in neglected condition and it is importance for reasons of heritage to maintain them.

We can lengthen short poles and create new components like missing fingers and halos to replace broken ones. Mileposts should be along a road at 1 mile intervals but they are very often missing. We can either produce new mileposts using traditional methods or fibreglass replicas.

Process Centrifuges

We have over 40 years of repair and refurbishment of process centrifuges. We have worked with a range of sizes and are continually expanding our process centrifuge repair facility. This means we can offer services like dismantling, rebuilding or precision machinery, full strip down of components, and repairs to scroll flights.

We also have a range of centrifuge tiles and give you advice on the best one to use and upgrade possibilities. We also provide repair and rebuild services on centrifuge gearboxes. 


We design and manufacture test centrifuges for aerospace and defense industries. We can offer innovative packages to the aerospace sectors for the quick design and production of electro-mechanical assemblies, motion simulators, test equipment, and prototypes.

Our experience in new developements also includes test centrifuges and electrical and mechanical components.

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