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Welcome to Click Catering Ltd, one of the leading catering equipment supplier in the UK. Providing high quality catering equipment to our national, regional account and our private account at the best price is our philosophy.


We supply a huge client base (including caterers, restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, hospitalities, healthcare industries, embassies and golf clubs). Click Catering Ltd is a catering equipment supplier online and do not have any retail store for the moment. For that reason and by dealing directly with the best manufacturers in the UK and Europe, we provide quality equipment at the best "value for money” in the market. You will find on our "very easy to use” Website, everything you need from the cooking equipment, food preparation, refrigeration, cleaning & hygiene, bars/hotel & restaurants categories.


We are based in Heckmondwike - West Yorkshire - (3 miles from Leeds) and we made the choice to work with the best Manufacturers in the UK like, Lincat, Foster, Parry, Buffalo, Rochelle,Rowlett Rutland, Polar, Waring, Dynamic and some manufacturers in Europe like Bartscher (Germany) and Sofinor (France). If you look for a specific product not shown on our website or if you have any questions regarding an item, pricing, warranty or delivery, please contact us and our dedicated sales team will do everything to please you.

Cooking Equipment

Click Catering Ltd provide all the commercial cooking equipment that big or small catering businesses need. You can find commercial equipment for your kitchen from different brands and different prices. If you look for a commercial oven, convection or combi steamer, a bain-marie or a bain-marie sauce, a commercial microwave, a deep fat fryer stand or countertop, a gas or electric oven range and many more commercial cooking equipment then take your time and have a look on our website. Click Catering Ltd will satisfy you at 100%.

Food preparation

Blenders, slicers, mincers, food processor and veg cutters, graters, mixers and more quality equipment from the best manufacturers are available at a very good price in this food preparation category.


Commercial refrigeration equipment for restaurants, caterers, delicatessens and also pubs, bars and hotels including commercial fridges, freezers, bottle coolers, refrigerated displays, ice machines, under counter fridges, ice crushers, wine chillers and more. A stylish and solid range manufactured by Foster, Bartscher, Polar and Rochelle.

Kitchen Equipment

High quality contact grills, countertop fryers, Panini grills, plate warmers, induction hobs, crepe machines, warming trays and hotplates, kitchen blenders, hot water boilers, coffee percolators and espresso machines, hot dog machines, soup kettles and hotpots. Click Catering Ltd offer you the best catering equipment deals in the UK.

Bakery / Pizzeria

Solid heavy duty ovens, bread slicers, heated displays, meat slicers, mixers, refrigerated displays, pizza ovens

Appliances / Cleaning

Everything for cleaning and hygiene including, dishwashers and glass washers, hand dryers, hair dryers, sinks, paper and soap dispensers, fly killers.

Pub / Hotel / Restaurant

Range of high quality equipment for Bars, Hotels, Restaurants including bar blenders, coffee machine and espresso machines, refrigerated displays, warming trays and hotplates, wine chillers, under counter fridges, ice machines, ice crushers, menus and boards, cash registers and more.

Stainless Steel Equipment

Stainless Steel catering equipment including trolleys, shelves, cupboards, hot cupboards, GN containers and lids, sinks bins and tables.

Kitchen Utensils

Indoor and outdoor equipment including menus, boards and furniture.

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