Clifford Engineering (Hull) Ltd


Clifford Engineering Ltd offer precision engineering in Yorkshire and our drive is to provide the quality you expect. We will ensure that you receive the right component on time and with the highest efficiency.

If you are looking for precision engineering in Yorkshire , we can provide cost effective small, medium and high batch size manufacturing components to many different types of industry sectors.

We have a variety of machines suited to most engineering tasks. This includes milling machines, lathes, repetition lathes, pedestal drills, saws and pipe threading machines. We can also offer you a blacksmith service.

CNC Turning Yorkshire

We can also provide CNC turning in Yorkshire and we provide quality parts in a rapid time. Our service is reliable and competitive.

If you are looking for CNC turning in Yorkshire service, we can help. We produce components from stock, castings and forgings, and we work in non-ferrous and ferrous materials.

CNC Milling Yorkshire

Our CNC milling in Yorkshire service is specifically tailored for your needs. We draw on our multi-disciplinary staff and we can produce a cost-effective solution for many different needs.

As part of our CNC milling in Yorkshire service, we can offer fully automatic milling up to 2.25 inches. We have the capacity for one-offs as large as batches of 10,000 of repetition and second operation.

Surface Finishes

We can provide quality surface finishes including powder coating. We can also offer surface finishes in the form of chemical coatings and our surface finishes also include sand blasting, electro-polishing, zinc, galvanizing and anodizing.

Assembly and Sub-Assemblies

Are you looking for assembly and sub-assemblies? Depending on the application and size, we can offer completed assembly and sub-assemblies to suit your needs.

Ground Parts

As part of our ground parts service, we have in-house grinding for both cylindrical and surface grinding. Most ground parts requests are for grinding for spares on our machines.

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