Clifton Food Range


Clifton Food Range provides professional chefs with sous vide equipment – developed and manufactured by Nickel-Electro, a U.K. based brand leader in temperature control laboratory and science equipment.
The company has adapted its range of science water baths to develop the Clifton Food Range which provides chefs with unparalled specific temperature control to produce consistently perfect results

Clifton range sous vide baths are now in use in some of the most acclaimed professional kitchens.

And include the following features:~
• Side lifting handles for easy movement around the kitchen
• Bright digital display to 0.1°C resolution
• ±0.2°C stability
• Fast draining outlet for quick clean down
• Integrated timer on the controller
• Visual low liquid warning
• Run dry protection
• Easy grab lids with insulated handles
• Removable perforated stainless steel tray.
• Two year warranty

Poaching/cooking baths

Using a poaching/cooking bath greatly enhances the texture and flavours of food items. In addition it is a highly nutritional method of cooking as nutrients are kept within the sous vide bag and not lost to atmosphere or into water if immersed directly.

Digital cooking bath.

Using a digital cooking bath for sous vide applications gives consistently good results.

By cooking a known portion weight at a known temperature for specific period of time, perfectly consistent results are achievable time after time.

CliftonFood Rangebaths are based on the company’s precision range of scientific water baths which guarantee accurate temperature control.

Sous Vide Portable Immersion Circulator

Space saving portable immersion circulator ideal for travelling chefs or limited space kitchens.

Includes a push-button, wipe clean panel; removable stainless steel pouch-guard; stainless steel propeller; visual ‘fill’ message and safety cut off; settings retained in memory after ‘power off’- two year warranty.

Sous Vide Baths

Clifton Food Range offer wide selection of unstirred digital sous vide baths  available as single or dual chamber products to suit many applications and budgets.

Sous Vide Baths - Stirred

The company also have a range of stirred digital sous vide baths and a series of immersion circulators including the FL4SP immersion stirrer 

Case Studies

In addition to use in restaurants Clifton Food Range baths are being used increasingly by food development companies  to produce sous vide meals for the food service industry.


A wide range of accessories are available for use with the baths:~.

These include :~

foam gun holders,

temperature probes


Bath Partitions

Bath Partitions allow the chamber to be divided up into smaller ‘mini’ chambers so that items can be clearly segregated by food type.

The digital thermometer allows core temperature of vacuum packed food to be taken. Careful use prevents the vacuum from being broken. A choice of three probe sizes is available.

TRY before you BUY

Clifton Food Range also offer the facility for potential customers to trial sous vide baths  before purchasing by visiting the demonstration kitchen at their factory in Weston super Mare.
This is fully equipped with a variety of baths and examples of vacuum packing systems.
Visitors can either bring their own produce to cook or selection of items can be provided by Clifton.

Vacuum Packing Equipment

At all major food exhibitions  Clifton Food Range share a stand with Multivac UK who produce a series of vacuum packing machines ideally suited to sous vide applications.


Sous Vide Consultancy

Through contact with Sous Vide Solutions, Clifton Food Range can also provide sous vide consultancy services.

Latest News

Clifton Food Range is a progressive company in both design and promotion of their range and to see what they are currently involved in check out their latest news.

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