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Clifton Rubber has excelled in the manufacture of polymer based products for over 40 years supplying rubber and polyurethane products to a range of industries including: automotive, agricultural, nuclear, marine, printing and food processing.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Established in 1973, Clifton Rubber is now the largest manufacturer of rubber products in East Anglia and a major player in the European market place for bespoke rubber and polyurethane mouldings mouldings, bonded assemblies, roller covering and precision grinding . Most items are produced to customer specification, in natural or synthetic rubber compounds or polyurethane, and the range extends from high precision bearing seals to heavy duty buffers with marine or road transport applications. To see what our manufacturing service could do for you please visit our website page.

In addition to our customer bespoke products, Clifton Rubber also manufacture various own brand after market products for use in the Agricultural, Transport and Recycling industries. For more information on these products visit the product pages on our website.

Clifton Rubber Co. Ltd is in a position to quote for all your rubber moulding and rubber bonding requirements, offering a comprehensive service, working with the customer from conception and design stages through to full production.

The Company is fully certified to BS ISO 9002 status ensuring our high standards of product quality and customer service are maintained.

For more information on what Clifton Rubber can do for you please visit our website or speak to a member of our technical team on 0044 (0) 1480 496161.

Rubber Moulding

Since its establishment in 1973 Clifton Rubber has developed extensive knowledge in the manufacture of rubber moulding solutions, supplying mouldings to a broad range of industries and markets including the agricultural, aerospace and the automotive sectors.

At our UK manufacturing facility we have a range of hydraulic presses which can manufacture compression, transfer and injection moulded components. This capacity provides a high degree of production flexibility enabling us to manufacture a wide range of rubber moulded products which can vary in size, complexity, material and quantitiy.

Our technical knowledge in rubber moulding enables us to manufacture products from all commercial rubbers available today, using colours and hardnesses to suit our customer requirements. Typical rubber materials we manufacture with include:

  • natural rubber
  • SBR
  • EPDM
  • neoprene
  • hypalon
  • nitrile
  • silicone
  • viton

Contact us for more information on our rubber moulding capability.

Rubber Moulding
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