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Climatec is a supplier of ENVIRONMENTAL TEST CHAMBERS & ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT to the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic and allied industries.

Climatec has grown from a start-up company in 1993 to one of the major UK suppliers of environmental test chambers and equipment.

Climatec specialise in the production of new bespoke and specialist Environmental test equipment and have one of the largest groups of service engineers who specialise in the maintenance of cascade refrigeration systems. Climatec also specialise in the refurbishment of all makes of ENVIRONMENTAL TEST CHAMBERS.

Please contact us for any information through our web site at WWW.Climatec.Ltd.UK or phone us at our Watford Office on 01923 237178

Our main areas of business are as follows:


Environmental Test Equipment

Climatec can supply all types of equipment/chamber for your Environmental Test Laboratory.

Typically High/Low Temperature Chambers, Humidity Chambers, Altitude/Vacuum Chambers (including space simulation),Vibration Interface Chambers (for combined testing), Environmental Stress Screening/HALT/HARASS Testing Chambers and Conditioned Air Rigs

Environmental Test Equipment

Climatic Test Chambers

Climatec climatic test chambers are built to order to your requirements.

The environmental chamber size and layout can be tailored to most closely match the equipment under test.

Designed to meet the requirements of all of the major test specifications such as IEC and MIL Standard  810

Easy to use ‘Off the shelf’ controllers are fitted. These are supported worldwide and are menu-driven and intuitive. No programming knowledge is required.

Accuracy of test – Designed and built with airflow in mind. This enables a very accurate environmental test with temperature gradients minimised.

An independent Safety Controller (Policeman) is always supplied. This can be set by the customer to protect the equipment under test in the case of environmental chamber over/under temperature.

All ancilliary equipment such as shelves, ports, viewing windows etc. can all be added (or not) as required to ensure that you get exactly what is required.

Climatec environmental chambers are normally constructed from 18/8 Stainless steel to give an equipment life expectancy of at least 25 years. The environmental chamber can be made from mild steel and spray painted to a colour of your choice if required.

The refrigeration equipment utilises the non-CFC refrigerants R404a and R23.

A refrigeration bypass system is employed to enable the refrigerant to be metered in small quantities to give very fine temperature control. The equipment will also shut down when not required in order to conserve energy.

Climatic Test Chambers

Service & Repair of Environmental Test Chambers

Climatec specialise in the service and maintenance of  ANY MAKE of environmental test chamber. But particularly MONTFORD & CLIVE HURLEY environmental test chambers (Climatec own the rights to all Clive Hurley test chambers)

We have a team of service engineers to cover the whole of the United Kingdom

We offer full preventative maintenance contracts or one-off emergency call-out visits to suit your requirements.

No equipment repair or fault is too small so please call our service manager David Rota on 01923 237178 for prompt attention.

Service & Repair of Environmental Test Chambers

Humidity Environmental Test Chambers

Climatec humidity environmental test chambers are designed to control humidity over the range 5-95%rh

Humidity is added using steam which is generated by a novel ‘Flash Heating’ boiler. This equipment uses a permanently heated conditioning block which means humidity is always available to be added at a moments notice with no warm-up time (as is the case for other boiler type systems). This equipment also has the benefit of being able to control the humidity input to the environmental chamber very precisely to aid control.

Humidity is removed by freeze drying the environmental chamber air by pulsing the main cooling plant. This avoids the need for separate de-humidification equipment.

Humidity Environmental Test Chambers

Altitude/Vacuum Environmental Testing Chambers

Designed to meet the requirements of all of the major test specifications such as IEC and MIL Standard 810G, Method 500.5

All Stainless Steel construction. This gives a typical equipment LIFE EXPECTANCY OF 25 YEARS.

Easy to use ‘Off the shelf’ controllers fitted. These are supported worldwide and are menu-driven and intuitive. No programming knowledge is required.

Accuracy of test – Designed and built with airflow in mind. This enables a very accurate test with temperature gradients minimised.

Variable rate fan speed – This enables the airspeed to increase at high altitudes (low pressure) to improve temperature control.

An independent Safety Controller (Policeman) is always supplied. This can be set by the customer to protect the product in the case of chamber over/under temperature.

Environmentally friendly - Climatec refrigeration systems use non-CFC gasses to help protect the environment. The refrigeration systems incorporate innovative by-pass control to ensure that energy use is minimised.

Ancilliary equipment such as windows, access ports and shelves can all be supplied to your requirements.


Altitude/Vacuum Environmental Testing Chambers

Vibration Interface Environmental Test Chambers

Climatec can supply environmental chambers to interface with any make of vibration test system to enable combined testing such as high/low temperature applied simultaneously with vibration.

If required the equipment can be interchangeable to allow the environmental chamber or vibration equipment to be used separately to increase your test lab flexibility.

Please call for further details

Vibration Interface Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental Stress Screening Chambers

Climatec can supply chambers to carry out environmenatl Stress Screening (also called HALT & HASS) with rates of change of temperature up to 70ºC per minute.

This type of testing is usually carried out on electrical items required to have a very high reliability (aircraft parts etc) and is designed to find any latent defects in the product prior to delivery. The rapid change of temperature forces these latent defects to be shown as faults.

The cooling system uses liquid nitrogen and a suitable supply is required. Climatec can advise on the type of installation required.


The environmental chambers have a very high airflow to ensure rapid energy transfer to/from your test load.

The equipment is constructed from stainless steel for a long life.

Safety is a priority and interlocks are fitted to ensure no nitrogen can be delivered when the chamber door is open.

Ports, Windows, Shelves and electrical interfaces can be supplied as required.

Environmental Stress Screening Chambers

Conditioned Air Rigs (CAR Units)

Short of space in your environmental test lab or need to carry our one-off tests?

A CAR unit may be the best solution. the equipment provides a supply of air conditioned at the temperature you require (anywhere from -60º to +100ºC say) and supplies it to an environmental test 'box' of your choice.

Climatec can provide suitable environmental test enclosures or you can use temporary enclosures fabricated from insulated polystyrene slab for the one-off tests. Climatec can advise on these materials if required.

The equipment can be installed external to your test area and the air delivered and returned via insulated pipes (see photo).

This equipment can also be used to test awkward/large items in-situ

As usual the equipment is fabricated from stainless steel for a long life and can be tailored to your requirements

Conditioned Air Rigs (CAR Units)

Large Environmental Test Chambers

Climatec are able to supply environmental test chambers to any size you require.

For the larger environmental chambers (such as walk-in or drive-in types) a choice can be made to suit the budget available.

For smaller budgets the environmental chamber can be constructed as a panel room. This has the added advantage of being quick to assemble.

For longer life equipment we can provide the environmental chamber manufactured from stainless steel for a life of at least 25 years.

Large Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental Test Chamber Refurbishment

Do you have any old environmental test chamber which is not meeting your current requirements?

Why not have the chamber refurbished rather than replace with new for a cost effective solution?

Climatec can carry out the full range of work from re-lining and re-insulating the chamber shell to electrical and refrigeration upgrades.

We can also replace any existing CFC refrigerant gases with the non-CFC equivalent or even convert from compressor to liquid nitrogen cooling or vice-versa.

The control system can also be replaced/upgraded and even interfaced to your in-house computer network if required.

All work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Environmental Test Chamber Refurbishment

Environmental Test Chamber Hire

Call Steve Gough on 01923 237178 for the current availability of environmental test chambers for hire

Environmental Test Chamber Hire

Accelerated Ageing Test Chambers

Climatec can supply test chambers suitable for artificial ageing.

(Sometimes called HALT, HASS or stress screening chambers)

This technique is particularly effective for removing the potential early life failures on circuit boards.

Many companies now use these chambers to screen their products prior to delivery

Please ask for details

Accelerated Ageing Test Chambers
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