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At Climaveneta UK, we have over four decades experience of manufacturing innovative air conditioning solutions. Climaveneta UK is the world’s leader in providing perfect comfort together with high-energy efficiency. Our solutions are made to suit individual requirements, created with sustainable products and comfort, and reduce environmental impact.

Water Chillers

Climaveneta has a comprehensive range of chillers from 2 to 2400kW, including screw and scroll chillers with inverter compressors and free cooling chillers with non-glycol options. As well as Europe's leading manufacturer of Turbocor magnetic centrifugal chillers.

• Energy efficient
• A-rated products
• Low noise or super low noise
Screw and scroll compressors
Turbocor magnetic centrifugal chillers
• Heat recovery options
• Electronic expansion valve
• Air cooled chillers
• Water cooled chillers
• R410A & R134a available

Reversible Units

A comprehensive range of screw and scroll compressor chillers from 40 to 2400kW with heat recovery, designed to provide heating and cooling. Some units in the range can also provide hot water making them an ideal product for any commercial property and ideal for all seasons.

• Reversible heat pumps
• Class A efficiency
• Screw and scroll compressor
• Centrifugal or axial fans
• Low noise or super low noise available
• Providing heating and cooling
• R410A and R134a refrigerant

Reversible Units for 4-Pipe Systems

combines simultaneous heating and cooling production in a single unit to offer the most advanced and reliable high efficiency solution for 4 pipe systems on the market today. 

With capacities from 36 to 924kW, air and water source, screw, scroll and inverter driven screw compressor, there's a high performance model to suit every application. Including the unique i-FX-Q, believed to be the only unit of its kind to use inverter screw compressors to deliver high efficiency at part loads.

• Class A efficiency
• Simultaneous heating and cooling
• Production of hot water
• 4 pipe system
• Screw, scroll and inverter compressors
• Low noise and super low noise options
• R410A and R134a refrigerant

Packaged Units

Comprehensive range of roof top units designed for medium crowding applications such as shopping centers, sports hall, restaurants etc. The air to air reversible units include Work, Whisper and Wisdom models that are energy efficient and are easy to assemble and maintain. The units provide cooling and heating and take advantage of free cooling.

• Scroll and inverter driven compressor
• High efficiency units
• R410A refrigerant
• Plug & Play

HPAC Systems

Powerful, high density data centers require state of the art cooling technology to match the reliability, modularity and energy efficiency required by these critical applications.

Our cooling solutions include the Accurate range of close control air conditioners with options for chilled water, direct expansion with inverter driven compressors, dual fluid units and chillers with free cooling and turbocor centrifugal compressors.

• Chilled water
• Direct expansion
• Scroll and inverter driven compressors
• Dual fluid units
• EC Inverter Fans
• Humidification options
• 7 to 225kW capacity range

Climaveneta Service Division

The UK’s leading specialist service providers.

With over 40 years experience of maintaining and servicing water chillers and air conditioning systems, our Service Division is one of the UK's most experienced specialist service providers. 

With our nationwide 24/7 service, Climaveneta offers complete peace of mind, enabling our customers to focus on their own businesses, while we take care of the detail.

Climate Care Service & Maintenance Programmes
• Climate Care Repair Programme
• Fast response to minimize downtime
• Service Engineers fully qualified
• 24hr, 365 days a year call out for contract holders
• Professional guidance on F-Gas
• Reliable and competitive spare parts
Permafrost energy saving solutions for chillers

No need to go spare

Getting the right part fast can be essential to air conditioning maintenance and break downs alike. Knowing where to find them is a priority!

Climaveneta’s Spare Parts Division has been developing its skill over 30 years and is experienced in the fast turnaround of genuine OEM replacements.  Few companies, if any, can offer the in-depth knowledge and experience of air conditioning that we have.

• Flexible late order service selection and delivery
• Competitively priced parts
• Guaranteed quality and reliability of all parts
• Most parts held for ex stock delivery – next day delivery usual
• Fast and efficient identification of parts
• Account facilities for contractors and clients
• Efficient and knowledgeable staff


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