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Climavent are specialists in the supply and installation of dust extraction and fume extraction systems. From large scale dust and fume extraction systems to mobile units and down draught benches, if dust and fume control is your problem - we have your solution.

We design and build effective dust and fume control systems and components which are ATEX compliant to Directive 94/9/EC.

Dust Extraction

Climavent's Dust Extraction Systems have been successfully applied to many areas of UK industry including engineering, food processing, shipbuilding, packaging, electronics, woodworking and motor manufacturing.

We are often called upon to advise and provide specialist equipment to deal with explosive environments. Materials such as GRP, aluminium, titanium, flour, and numerous chemical powders can present hazardous and require individual solutions designed to deal with the specific circumstances.

At Climavent we pay particular attention to the combination of ease of use and high collection efficiency. Our experience and expertise combined with our in house development and manufacturing facility guarantee maximum performance at competitive prices.

Fume Extraction

Climavent supply and install Fume Extraction Systems to handle the obnoxious fumes and odours generated in universities, printing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our aim when assessing the clients requirements is to protect the operators breathing zone by providing the extraction at source. Systems vary in size from single positions in a laboratory to multi point extraction for production lines.

Welding Fume Extraction

Climavent's Welding Fume Extraction systems are designed to provide powerful suction through small bore hoses and are available with a standard range of arms, booms and magnetic nozzles which are suitable for most applications. They are also compatible with all makes of welding torches with integral extraction facility.

High Vacuum Systems

Climavent's High Vacuum Dust and Fume extraction systems are designed to create a powerful suction through small bore flexible hoses. They are commonly used for welding fume extraction, centralised vacuum cleaning and tool dust extraction.

They consist of high pressure fans, reverse jet cleaning filtration units and hose connection manifolds. The manifolds are positioned at strategic positions throughout the workplace and are connected to the filtration unit by fixed pipe work installation. The systems are extensively used for sanding and finishing applications and are compatible with all power tools with integral extraction facilities.

Wet Dust Exhaust Units

Climavent's Wet Collectors are often required to cope with the heavy burden of flammable dust arising from grinding, fettling, linishing, polishing and trimming applications.

Wet Dust Exhaust Units draw the dust-laden air through a tank of water. Heavy dust particles are thrown directly into water and settle as sludge in the base of the unit for subsequent removal. A series of baffles removes the wetted dust and clean air is discharged from the top of the unit back into the works atmosphere.

There are no moving parts, no filters and no sprays, allowing  the units to be robust and maintain their original suction rates, even under very arduous conditions.

Climavent now manufacture the LW22P Wet Dust Exhaust Units which can be supplied as a single unit for a down draught bench or as a modular bank of units to provide filtration for large centralised systems. This eliminates the common corrosion problem associated with wet dust extraction units as it has a non corrosive GRP body with stainless steel internal scrubbing components.

Mobile Dust Extraction

Climavent's Puratron Mobile Dust Extraction units have been developed to provide a robust, flexible and economical solution to dust control applications in most sectors of UK industry. They are self contained units supplied with centrifugal fan, self cleaning auto shakedown filtration, electrical control panel and articulated extraction arms.

These units are available for sale or hire. We have an extensive fleet and deliveries can often be made within 24 hours.

Mobile Fume Extraction

Climavent's 900 series Mobile Fume Extraction units have been designed for welding and processing fume extraction applications.

The units are constructed from powder coated carbon steel and supplied with centrifugal fan and articulated extraction arms. They can be supplied with a variety of filter elements which include cylindrical cartridge, HEPA and carbon.

These units are available for sale or hire. We have an extensive fleet and deliveries can often be made within 24 hours.

Compact Bench

Climavent's Compact Benches are available in three standard widths 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9 metres and are supplied with integral fans, filters, variable speed controllers and plastic matting top to prevent damage to the workplace. Airborne dust is sucked into the top of the bench and captured in deep pleated filter elements, allowing cleaned air to be re-circulated back into the workshop. A range of options are also available such as full height canopies, low level back and side shields and fluorescent lighting.

Universal Bench

Climavent's heavy duty range of Universal Benches have been designed specifically for the grinding and fettling of carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and titanium. They are available in three standard widths 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8 metres and are supplied with full height sides and canopy top with integral lighting. Exhaust from the bench is provided by our LW22P Wet Dust Extraction unit which, being water filled is completely safe from the fire hazard associated with the above processes.

Containment Booths

Climavent Containment Booths provide protection for the surrounding factory areas and are specified when operators require access to all parts of large work pieces.

They are manufactured to customers requirements and supplied with full or strip curtains enabling easy access. For excessively noisy applications we offer our sound attenuated booths with double leaf access doors.

Low Profile Booths

Climavent Low Profile Booths provide protection for both the operator and the working environment by extracting light airborne dusts generated by sanding, grinding and trimming processes.

The booths are available in three standard widths 1.8, 2.4 or 3.6 metres and are only 1.2 metres high, ensuring the operator can only work on the clean side of the booth. They are supplied with integral lighting and recessed tops to allow clearance for the overhead lifting of large work pieces.

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