Cloudis Ltd


Cloudis Limited is an independent UK-based software company specialising in applications developed around the Oracle database.

We have been developing database applications since 1994 and count among our clients some of the largest engineering companies in the world. Our customers include designers and constructors in the shipbuilding and plant sectors. We have also supplied cable management solutions to academic institutions.

We market our products worldwide both directly to end-users and through local distributors.

Cable management software

Cable management software for controlling the design, routing and installation of all types of cabling. The software can be used in single or multiple project environments and includes optional Configuration Management capabilities. Building on our experience of customers’ requirements since our first installation in 1996, CMPIC offers a depth and breadth of functionality which is unrivalled for shipbuilding, power, offshore and other large engineering construction projects.

CMPIC is a single software product for cable management which can be used by any company involved in large scale cabling projects. CMPIC is currently licensed separately for the Design & Production modules, however the Production module cannot be used in isolation. Although all options are available to all users, these can be activated or de-activated as required. In this way, CMPIC can be configured more closely to a particular customer’s requirements

Cable management software


Cabcentric is a complementary application to CMPIC, aimed at companies and organisations which have massive cabling infrastructure but where the requirements for the routing and installation of the cables are of less importance than the management of the connectivity and termination points of these cables.

The Cabcentric Cable Management System was designed using Cloudis’ own V9 development environment, which is based on two technologies – Java™ and Oracle™.

The rules of how the data is structured, edited and accessed are all held in the Oracle™ database. Since the rules are also held as data, this offers tremendous flexibility in how Cabcentric can be customised and adapted as requirements emerge and change.



icePAC is a client-server application which has been in use since 1995 and efficiently manages millions of document records for one of our largest customers.

icePAC has been designed to satisfy the entire control and management requirements of large construction and manufacturing projects – including Power Station Design & Build, Civil, and large Manufacturing Projects.

icePAC is both powerful and flexible, designed to provide instantaneous access to the latest project information and yet still employ company specific reference codes and customisable reference data.

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