Clwyd Compounders Ltd


Clwyd Compounds offer the full range of compounded elastomers including Natural Rubber at one end of the spectrum and Silicone and Perfluoroelastomers at the other making it a one stop shop for all rubber compound requirements.

The Company’s products are used in a wide variety of end use applications and markets including automotive fuel systems, aerospace seals, oil extraction, food & water applications and many more. We can produce a compound to your specification and/or formulation, design and develop compounds from scratch, modernise your existing formulations, (for example, removing ingredients which are or may be restricted for use by REACH legislation) or analyse existing products to suggest suitable compounds.

Rubber Compound Production

Whether your need is for 10kg or 10,000kg, we can meet your requirements. The product can be supplied in strip form for use on injection molding machines, in Barwell blanks to a given weight and profile, in pellet form suitable for producing a solution, and in standard sheet form. Our flexible production systems ensure that our compound will meet your needs.

Rubber Compound - Advice on Selection

Clwyd Compounders can help, we have a team of highly trained polymer technologists with many years of combined experience in providing advice and guidance. They work closely with the major polymer suppliers, and handle the full range of elastomeric polymer. This enables them to provide impartial advice on compound selection; whatever your application, you can be confident that their recommendations will offer the best value for your money.

In addition, as custom compounders, we will ensure that the compounds we supply will be designed to enable efficient processing through your production equipment, thus minimising waste.

Speciality Rubber Compounds

Clwyd Compounders are the rubber compounder of choice for speciality compounds. Our facilities include clean room production facilities for handling silicone and fluorosilicone compounds and perfluoroelastomers; for a full list of polymers which we supply see the product list.

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