CM Machinery


For over 30 years, CM Machinery has offered a range of production equipment to the manufacturers of web, sheet and board products. We specialise in the custom design and manufacture of automatic cutting and winding machinery for continuous production products such as extruded plastic sheet and film, rigid foam and mineral wool insulation, structural metal sandwich panels, paper, nonwovens, vinyl flooring, conveyor belting, medical pouches and dressings as well as other more specialised products.

CM Machinery can offer equipment for the following applications:

  • Flying crosscuts for continuous rigid board
  • Stacking/handling of sheet and board products
  • Tension control on difficult web products
  • Cutting to length of sheet products
  • Servo positioning/registration
  • Slitting/winding of web products
  • High speed cross perforation
  • Heat seal cutting/welding
  • Die cutting of web products
  • New products handling/manufacture

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