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Here at CML Innovative Technologies, we supply interior lighting solutions to many car manufacturers around the world. We specialise in plastic injection moulding and metal stamping. Our wide tooling capacity gives us high flexibility to respond to customer demand. Our interior lighting solutions range from basic features such as glove box lamps to complete overhead consoles using LED lighting, microphones or alarm systems to suit your individual requirements.

Our impressive range of interior lighting solutions includes:

  • Dome lights
  • Overhead consoles
  • Glove box illumination
  • Trunk area lighting
  • Door lights
  • Multipurpose lights

Light Sources

We provide a variety of light sources to suit a wide range of applications. Our range of incandescent lamps is one of the largest on the market. Our light sources include an assortment of different lamp bases including bayonet, screw, wedge base, flange, bi-pin, wire terminal, groove and BA7s.

We supply sockets with or without lamps and to meet automotive requirements and approvals. We supply some of them in different housing colours and in a wide variety of voltages from as low as 1.5V up to as high as 240V.

For more information on our automotive light sources visit our website.


We supply a wide variety of LEDs to suit a variety of applications in the automotive, aviation, gaming, illumination, and transport sectors. We provide power LEDs, thru hole LEDs, SMD LEDs, acsentios, sockets and LED displays in a range of sizes.


We stock an impressive range of LED and neon indicators and accessories. Our indicators are available in a wide range of sizes, settings, connections and colours to meet your application requirements

LED Lamps

We supply an extensive range of LED lamps, incandescent lamps and neon lamps to suit all kinds of applications. Our LED lamps range includes a wide selection of sizes, colours and shapes in both 12V, 24V and 28V to suit all requirements.

Exterior Lighting

We supply high quality exterior lighting modules for automotive signalling. Our exterior lighting solutions provides ideal signalization and offer security conditions. We use new lighting technologies, such as LED, to enable us to provide long life time products. Our innovative exterior lighting units are designed and tested for all weather conditions in our fully equipped laboratories.

Our impressive collection of exterior lighting solutions includes:

  • Central high mounted
  • Stop Lamps (CHMSLs)
  • Side repeaters bodywork or mirror integrated
  • License plate illumination
  • Puddle lights

Battery Terminals

We have many years of experience in metal stamping and have developed skills in automotive battery terminals. We provide both positive and negative battery terminals, supplied with or without plastic covers. Our innovative design lies into its pattern for quick clipping, practicality and time saving.

We supply battery terminals including die-cast, screw and rings. We also provide holders and fuse holders for car battery connection.

Ambient Lighting

As one of the first automotive supplier to work on ambient lighting, we provide innovative designs to secure drivers, especially during night driving by illuminating the necessary functions in case of need. Our ambient lighting is provided to meet marketing differentiation needs of a brand. We provide colours to match the identity of the car maker, and be consistent with the whole car interior.

We supply floor illumination solutions to give a vehicle its own identity and an added measure of convenience and security. We specialise in lightpipes technology used for ambient lighting and create intelligent lighting systems.

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