CMPR’s WebPRess services harness the power of the internet and web media to manage media relations in aerospace, medical and engineering markets. They also provide new cost effective ways to communicate with customers, to develop strategies, assess the rapid changes in local, national and global markets and connect with key customers opinion formers and the media.

WebPRess services will ensure that the essential messages reach your customers, contacts and opinion formers in an interesting, powerful and relevant way.

  • Your own branded web news page service
  • Media releases - keyword optimised
  • Instant news page postings
  • Daily, weekly or monthly updates -you choose
  • Integrated email/website campaigns
  • Adwords, 'Clickthru' and SEO support services
  • Online content management and creative support
  • Complete feature writing services
  • Web content management
  • Access to business and technical outlets worldwide

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