Coating Technologies Ltd


C. T. Supplies Ltd has been manufacturing a specialist range of products for use in Automotive and Industrial Paint Shops for more than thirty years. They are used to help maintain a clean working environment whilst considerably reducing maintenance costs. This same range of products has found uses in many other areas, where there is a need to control dust and ensure a safe working environment.

Tack cloths,  For use with asbestos dust, power plant dust and for eliminating dust prior to painting.

Peelable Coatings: For encapsulating plastics (baths, showers etc), protecting floors, spraybooth walls, temporary protection of critical surfaces.

Paint removers: DCM free.

Solvent and water based speciality cleaning and pretreatment wipes.

Industrial Hand Cleaners.

Speciality cleaning solutions.

Paint overspray coagulation.

CTS is an international business with around 40% of the business coming from customers throughout Europe and further afield, including Australia, South Africa and the Far East.

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