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COBA Plastics, founded in 1966, specialises in the extrusion of thermoplastic tubes and profiles in a wide range of materials. Within the website you will see the additional range of complimentary processes, which enable us to provide our customers with solutions to their current and future requirements.

Our vision is to provide our customers with support throughout their design and development stages, and then to provide a world-class quality of service during serial production. Take a look at the information contained within this website to see how COBA can help you.


COBA manufactures an extensive range of standard and bespoke thermoplastic components for the automotive industry. Our highly skilled engineering team provides design and development support from initial prototype stage through to serial production. Our fully integrated ERP system ensures that our customers receive the best possible logistical service.



COBA manufactures a wide range of options designed to finish:

  • Glass
  • Pillars
  • Interior Trim
  • Gaps on BIW

All these use the latest TPE technologies to provide solutions that are:

  • Lower weight
  • Fully recyclable
  • Better economics

Use of patented extruded polymers to offer 'gloss' finish to visible surfaces. Good scratch resistance and weatherability. Full TPE solutions - No EPDM or PVC - Fully ELVD compliant. Wire encapsulation using patented polymer-covered products to offer thermal stability. Taped and punched options available. Full welding capability to produce 'goal post' finishers. 

TPE solutions to comply with ELVD. Taping and punching options available. Hand finishing of parts also available.
Full design assistance and project management. CNC machining of extruded profiles available to produce 'finished' components. Assembly service also available. TPE options available to produce bespoke sealing solutions to hide BIW gaps.

Safety Systems

  • COBA works with Tier 1 suppliers to develop harness components for side airbag applications.
  • Components manufactured and tested to customer specifications. In-process fabrication including punching, printing and cropping.
  • Ability to support global vehicle programmes from design to production.
  • Designs manufactured using extrusion processes instead of injection moulding to give greater flexibility.
Safety Systems

Washer Systems


  • Wide range of PVC tubing available either supplied in coils or cut to length.
  • Tubing manufactured using in-line laser measurement systems on direct feedback to process to offer 100% dimensional inspection.
  • Full range of TPE materials available to manufacture fully recyclable and lower weight tubes - for direct replacement of non-recyclable EPDM tubes. In-line printing option available.


  • Single and co-extruded profiles to provide wiper blade protectors.
  • Wiper blade backing profiles.  
Washer Systems

Under-Bonnet Seals

  • COBA utilises modern TPV materials to replace EPDM in seal systems.
  • 'Clip-on' design options have been use in serial production to remove conventional metal retention devices.
  • Patented 'COBA-Grip' technology offers customers alternative gripping options. This system gives good 3D flexibility as that the need for metal enforcement.
  • Lower weight solutions.
  • Fully recyclable using non-conductive TPE material.
  • Fully tested solutions to meet automotive standards.
  • Products help Tier One and OEM to meet the stringent requirements of ELVD.
Under-Bonnet Seals


Automotive Seating - Product Portfolio

Not only does COBA manufacture Europe’s largest range of Trim Retainers but we also offer a wide range of additional processes and products to support our customers. Please see below the individual product areas that we can help you with. Contact COBA for direct assistance with your next project.
Trim Cords
  • Full design and project management service.
  • Injection moulded clips manufactured by COBA.
  • Wide range of options available.
  • Fully assembled and finished components.
  • Unique 'all plastic' design.
  • Fully patented manufacturing process.
  • Direct replacement for flexible metal J-Retainers.
  • Lower weight and higher flexible.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • More economic than metal products.
  • Colour options also available.
  • Easy push-on with excellent retention. 

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Door Seals

  • Fully ELVD compliant options available using latest TPE materials.
  • Profiles can be extruded with patented 'slip-coat' technology to replace 'flocked' surfaces.
  • Flocked tapes can also be applied in-line where customers require.
  • Lower weight (25% average)
  • Fully recyclable patented 'COBA-Grip' technology to replace metal reinforcement.
  • We offer co-extruded TPE material to provide 'push-in' profiles for 'inner door sealing' capability.
Door Seals


  • COBA has a twin extrusion facility to manufacture rigid PVC building profiles.
  • Components manufactured to ISO/TS16949 quality - a system based on worldwide automotive standards.
  • COBA has the ability manufacture TPR / TPE gaskets.
  • Ability to co-extrude soft, flexible flip seals / hinges on to rigid profiles.
  • In-process fabrication including punching, printing and cropping.
  • Extrusion tooling developed in-house.
  • Development of new material concepts including wood composites and foaming plastics to suit customer specifications.
  • Design support and project management from inception to production.


  • Rigid plastic cores for winding a wide range of material options.
  • Wide range of tube sizes available.
  • To discover the full range of tube sizes available please Contact Us.
  • Cores are available in:
  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • HDPE (High-density polyethylene)
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
  • PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
  • Double wall cores are also available.


  • Tubing manufactured using in-line laser measurement providing 100% goods inspection in-process.
  • A range of standard sizes available to suit various applications including urine drainage and suction tubing.
  • Manufactured from a wide range of materials including medical grade PVC and TPE.
  • Tubing can be supplied in cut lengths or coils.
  • Rigid cores for winding medical bandage and tapes.
  • In-house tooling and design facility to suit customer applications.
  • Production facility audited by a leading medical supplier.
  • COBA - an award-winner for consistent quality of production.
  • Medical grade extruded profiles also available for applications such as needle-fork cubes

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