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Cobalt Systems are specialist global suppliers of print and apply labelling systems.  We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and equipment that speaks for itself. The latest technology can be found built into the new Nexus & Spirit systems offering industry breaking speeds, the option of continuous operation and the option to include barcode validation & verification. 

Cobalt Nexus & Spirit Print and Apply Systems for cases, packs and pallets

Cobalt's innovative print and apply solutions provide high speed, accuracy and cost efficiency. We have designed first-class print and apply solutions to meet the requirements of the most demanding manufacturing processes and environments.

Our highly skilled team will ensure all of your specifications are met including:

  • Continuous Operation 

  • Linerless Technology

  • Print Engines

  • Shrink Wrap and Pack Labelling
  • Pallet Labelling
  • Case Labelling
  • Primary Product Labelling
Cobalt Nexus & Spirit Print and Apply Systems for cases, packs and pallets

Cobalt Sentinel Verification

Cobalt's Sentinel System was designed to control the complete labelling process, including inline barcode validation and verification as well as specific functions designed to oversee and record labelling, coding and packaging management.

Cobalt Sentinel Verification

Zebra Printers and Print Engines

As a Zebra Premier Partner & ZASP specialising in Print Engines we provide an impressive collection of printers.  We also offer a full range of spares and a repair facility for all Zebra Printers.

Zebra Printers and Print Engines


Our barcoding systems have been designed to meet all of your manufacturing requirements.

Our barcoding checking systems will test:

  • Decode - checks that the area being scanned meets the criteria of a recognised bar code format
  • Minimum reflectance - compares the reflectance of the bar to that of the background
  • Symbol contrast - measures the overall range of contrast between the bars and the background media
  • Minimum edge contrast - measures the definition of the poorest bar in the code
  • Modulation - measures the consistency of reflectance throughout
  • Defects - ensures bars are complete and spaces are empty
  • Decodability - measures the dimensional accuracy of the bar code

Logistics Labels

Our logistics labels are used to identify pallets or units requiring individual tracking through a supply chain. Logistics labels are placed on adjacent sides of the pallet.


Logistics Labels

Barcode Image Validation

Our barcode image validation service ensures your barcodes will print correctly. As part of our first-class barcode image validation service, we will check bar codes meet international standards and will report any changes you need to make.

We validate your images to ensure:

  • The GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is in the correct format with the correct use of the company prefix and a valid check digit
  • The light margins around the bar code symbol are large enough
  • Colours are used appropriately
  • The bar code is within the right range of sizes and proportions (the final size will depend on print quality tests)
  • The bar code is positioned correctly on your product
Barcode Image Validation

2D Barcodes

Our 2D barcodes assist with the sorting and routing of mixed products. Our 2D barcodes will identify the source of the product, any changes required to its destination and identification. These 2D barcodes are international used coding systems.

2D Barcodes
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