Cobham Antenna Systems


Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas develop and manufacture directional, sector, ultra wideband and omni-directional antennas typically within 150MHz to 40GHz. Based at a single UK location, the company manufactures antennas used globally within Security and Surveillance, Military, Satellite and WiMAX/LTE markets.

Our high quality antennas are in use in applications as diverse as Unmanned Vehicles (for example Boeing X48B), the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, T5, Mark Resources Radar, BAE Systems/Qinetiq  Doppler Radar, Tactical Comms, PMR and Tetra, WiMAX and LTE, Electronic Warfare, Security, Surveillance (overt and covert), COFDM and Cellular DAS.

We have an existing catalogue of over 1500 designs available to manufacture.  Small adjustments may be made to these existing antenna designs.  Full antenna development programmes are undertaken for customers.

European Antennas Ltd, now doing business as Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas.

Commercial Applications for Antennas

A wide range of directional antennas, sector antennas and omni-directional antennas are available for:

Electronic News Gathering (ENG), COFDM, Cellular DAS, PMR and Tetra - RFID (Zonal, Portal, Covert, Road Tolling), WLAN, WiMAX and LTE

To select the best antenna for your application, contact us direct.

Commercial Applications for Antennas
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