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Swift-Dock ® - Our brand new range of spring loaded, interface arrays for handheld devices and docking stations. Ideal for power and data transfer in devices such as:

•Handheld computers
•Medical instruments
•Telecoms devices

Instead of spending a lot of time designing your own bespoke interface, Swift-Dock can be integrated into the design of a handheld device and docking station.

They are available in 2, 4, 5 and 6 pin configurations. Each unit comes as a pair of complete arrays ready fitted with spring loaded contacts on one side and contact lands on the other. The PCB can be supplied with or without a connector.

General Purpose Test Probes

For general use in many test applications, such as in jigs & fixtures.

ATE Test Probes

For contacting loaded PCBs in automatic test equipment (ATE), jigs and fixtures. Available in 2.54mm, 1.91mm & 1.27mm test centre spacings.

Interfacing Components

Spring contacts and lands for PCB interconnection and a wide range of data, power and battery charging applications including:

•charging batteries in portable instruments
•power and data transfer pins in a docking station
•integral compliant contacts, such as for an antenna contact in a mobile phone
•board to board spring contacts for use in computerised gaming systems and telecommunications units

The spring loaded contact consists of a gold plated tubular metal barrel, spring and plunger as a one piece item. The tip of the spring loaded plunger will provide a reliable electrical contact to the target, whose distance away or position may well be uncertain.

Bench-top Test Jigs

Robust, easily customised, standalone kits for testing a variety of PCB's. Basic hinged-top or cam operated pusher plate, advanced cam-operated gate with fully adjustable pusher-fingers.

Specialist Test Products

To see further information on the specialist products we offer please click Here

High current test probes

Current flows of up to 35 amps for load and functional testing of power components such as semi-conductors, solenoids, loaded PCBs, bus-bars, wound components and batteries. This range shares identical dimensions and will readily intermix with the PA3 - PA7 series and the PC8 series respectively.

Kelvin test probes

A range of concentric test probes intended specifically for making 4 to 6 pole (Kelvin) tests on PCBs, bus bars, equipment chassis and screw heads. tact us regarding our high current/heavy duty range.

High frequency test probes

Probes with a broad bandwidth for making high frequency tests of RF connectors and PCBs.

Switching test probes

Test probes with an integral micro-switch used for electrically testing and signalling the presence of a lead or pin.

Micro test probes

For the very fine pitch testing of semi-conductor devices and PCBs down to 0.46mm centres

A range of microprobes designed to allow very fine pitch testing of PCBs, substrates, semiconductors and devices, from 0.46mm to 0.76mm test centres. The PM1, PM2 and PA0 series, are of a non-replaceable design; the space saved by not having a receptacle allows testing to as small as 0.46mm centres. The fitment method is a delicate yet simple process and you can have the option of a pre-attached cable, allowing easier connection to the test jig

Presence detection switch probes

A switching probe is conductively connected to the barrel, spring and receptacle while the terminal is insulated from these components and is designed primarily for detecting the absence or presence of non-conductive features, where a normal contact probe can not be used.

Typical Uses

  • Test/harness connector contacts 'in-place' switch
  • UUT 'in-place' and 'start test' switch
  • Cycle counter 'actuation' switch in vacuum test fixtures
  • Presence detection of a fitted part

Test jig parts

Essential components for jig builders and customisers see the full range Here

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