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Coding & Handling manufacture and supply industrial ink jet coders, conveyors and bespoke handling systems to a wide range of industries. Coding & Handling marking solutions cover a spectrum of products designed and adapted to the special needs of each and every customer.

  • Continuous Inkjet Printer Hire
  • Continuous Inkjet Coder Servicing
  • Continuous Inkjet Coding
  • Industrial Inkjet Printer
  • Industrial Inkjet Coder Consumables
  • Industrial Ink Jet Coder Service
  • Industrial InkJet Coder Maintenance
  • Large character Drop on Demand Inkjet Printers
  • Laser coders and printers
  • Modular conveyor systems
  • Bespoke Handling Systems
  • DOD Service and Repair
  • CIJ Coding Systems

All of our conveyors/handling systems are designed and built to meet these exacting requirements, with costs kept to an absolute minimum.

Codejet Evolution 3

Coding & Handlings constant drive for innovation can be seen in the launch of their NEW product the Codejet Evolution 3, a small character continuous ink jet coder, designed with reliability, durability and awareness of value for money. The Codejet Evolution 3 boasts a specification and end user price capable of embarrassing other similar industrial coding products. For more information on the Codejet Evolution 3 please click on the image.

Every product- From the very simple to the irregular shaped and complicated has to be handled and presented to the ink jet coders printhead in such a way that optimum print quality is obtained and maintained.

conveyors/handling systems

All of our conveyors/handling systems are designed and built to meet these exacting requirements, with costs kept to an absolute minimum, but with reliability and simplicity engineered in, to the very highest possible standards. For more information on our conveyors/handling systems please click on the image. 


Our workshop facilities include a fast and efficient calibration and repair service, for electronics boards and power supplies, for ink jet coding equipment from simple DOD systems to the most sophisticated CIJ, our technicians can quickly evaluate and repair faulty boards original manufacturers may consider to be obsolete, or unworthy of servicing, as well as all the current range of boards available in today’s market place.

The Codejet Evolution 3 - Small Character Continuous Ink Jet Coder

The Codejet Evolution 3 small character continuous ink jet coder from Coding and Handling combines a stainless steel cabinet with the proven reliability of state of the art electronic design and software to offer the perfect solution for your coding and marking requirements.

Printing 1 to 3 lines of code up to 1600 characters per second, the new Codejet Evolution coders are ideal for coding onto plastics, metals, paper and carton used in the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as well as a wide range of industrial products.

Fast, reliable and economical, the new Codejet Evolution 3 will print codes between 2mm and 12mm high in different print densities including large characters and logos as well as a full range of standard bar code formats, sequential numbers, open date, lot and batch numbers.


Beverage & Bottling

This Specialist Brewery in the North of England had two production Lines requiring a two line product code onto Glass Bottles.
One production Line was Beer and Lager products, the other still and carbonated water.
We needed to overcome three main problems; the first was that some of the bottles were carrying a high level of condensation on their outer circumference; just where we needed to place our printed information.
To overcome this problem we installed an air knife which blasted away the moisture and presented us with a relatively dry substrate for printing purposes.
The next problem was that the printed information was wandering slightly off centre from bottle to bottle. This was due to the photocell (Product Detector) getting mixed and fragmented signals due to flourecent lighting overhead and a reflective glass substrate. To cure this problem we fitted a Red Dot Laser photo-cell and exact coding placement was achieved onto every bottle.

Security & Bank Coders

This American owned company based in Cambridgeshire purchased their first Four coders from Willett. In order to keep costs down to a minimum we were consulted on a number of issues; which included improving down time and lowering servicing costs.
After successfully gaining the contract we have further supplied both reconditioned Willett CiJ equipment and brand new Codejet Evolution 3 coders.
This company supply magnetic cards for both security (swipe cards/identity cards) and Banking cards such as Debit Visa cards, Credit cards, Mastercards etc. You will typically see the coding on the rear side of your bank cards. When you purchase anything over the telephone or internet, you will be asked for the last three digits.
This company has enjoyed massive growth throughout its industry sector. We at ink-jet-coder feel privileged to have helped them maintain their high standards of productivity and quality, and We look forward to continuing this profitable relationship for many years to come.


Coding of cold drawn steel tubing

This Famous Once British Steel Manufacturer had a requirement for printing a 50mm high product code onto lengths of Cold Drawn Steel Tubing.
The Print needed to be Highly visible from distance; so a Fast drying Bright Yellow MEK ink was required.
The ink needed to be dry within 5 seconds before it passed between roller guides, this was some task with winter temperatures reaching as low as Minus 25 degrees. The massive stock of tubing within the open ended building, had the effect of storing the cold and radiating it back off making the inside temperature colder than outside during winter.
We developed a special ink to cope with these harsh conditions; but also capable of coping with excessively Higher temperatures during the summer months.

Conveyor Systems

Stainless Steel Conveyor
Two Guides
Variable speed
240V AC
300mm Wide
1500mm in Length

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