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Coidan Graphite Products have over 50 years experience in the graphite component manufacturing industry. Based in York, in the North East of England, we supply graphite parts, products and components throughout the UK, Europe and globally.

When dealing with Coidan, you deal with engineers with years of graphite and carbon industry experience. Our skilled engineers fully understand your process and graphite needs and have the knowledge and creativity to find the best solution for you.

Coidan Graphite Specialist Products has all the resources that you need:

  • Creativity
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  1. Adhesive

    Graphite adhesive is used to make repairs within the hot zone or to bond complex components together
  2. Aeronautical

    We manufacture chokes and rocket nozzles in graphite and carbon fibre composites.
  3. Aluminium Extrusion

    Aluminium Extrusion
    If you are looking for aluminium extrusion please contact Coidan Graphite on 0142 333 0492.
  4. Aluminium industry

    Aluminium industry
    Graphite is used due to it's heat resistance, chemical resistant and non wettable properties when in contact with molten Aluminium.

    Coidan Graphite Products supply a full range of Graphite Electrodes from 75mm diameter to 610mm diameter suitable for varying applications and industries. SHP Grade is recommended for use in high power Electric Arc Furnace and ultra high power Ladle Furnace applications. HP Grade is generally used in high power Ladle Furnace, Foundry and Fused Mineral applications.
  6. Arc Furnance Electrodes

    Arc Furnance Electrodes
    If you are looking for arc furnance electrodes please contact Coidan Graphite on 0142 333 0492.
  7. Axial and Radial Sliding Bearings

    Axial and Radial Sliding Bearings
    Material: carbon, electrographite, reaction bonded silicon carbide Impregnations: resin, antimony, white metal sliding bearings sliding bearings used for hot water and cold water pumps, industry pumps, chemical pumps, high-pressure gear-pumps and other types of pumps where carbon materials are applied carbon bearings for various types of machines and devices
  8. Axial Sliding Seal Rings

    Axial Sliding Seal Rings
    Coidan Graphite Products use carbongraphite, electrographite and silicon carbide sliding seal rings for mechanical seals used for various types of pumps and devices depends on conditions in which these materials work. According to this usage it is necessary to decide on a suitable material and impregnation. The conditions which specify the type of material and impregnation of particular applications depend on several technical parameters and demands such as the temperature during the application, pumped and sealed medium and its chemical properties - (acid, alkaline and neutral), friction (wet running, mixed and dry running). Impermeability and wear resistance are the most frequent demands achieved by the impregnation which are chosen in accordance with chemical properties of medium and a counterface. Both material types - carbon and silicon carbide can be used individually or they can work in combination(carbon - silicon carbide ; silicon carbide - silicon carbide).
  9. Block Heat Exchangers - Cylindrical Blocks

    Block Heat Exchangers - Cylindrical Blocks
    The cylindrical block heat exchanger is based on round graphite blocks which may reach diameters of up to 1400 mm. It has pass way drillings for the product and the service medium. The size of the drilling varies according to the properties of the media from 10 to 24 mm. The hole sizes are optimised to achieve best results for each liquor. The individual blocks are sealed with PTFE gaskets against each other and the whole package is fastened by springs to compensate for thermal expansion. The sealing system works in the temperature range of the unit and has been established for many years. By innovative baffle positioning the service media can flow at the optimum velocity (to balance the thermal efficiency against allowable pressure drop.
  10. Blocks and plates

    Blocks and plates
    In addition to the manufacture of fully machined parts we supply graphite as blocks, plates, rods, rounds, tubes in as manufactured finish, as sawn finish, milled finish or ground finish - in all grades of carbon and graphite, be that large grain electrode material, medium grain extruded graphite, fine grain isostatic graphite or ultra fine grained graphites for spark erosion finishing operations.