Coil Springs Direct


Our extensive range of compression springs can be used in a wide variety of industries such as the automotive sector. We can manufacture them to customer specifications or supply one from our stock of over 400 varieties. Compression springs provide a high resistive force as they are compressed and are produced using spring steel, stainless steel or phosphor bronze.

We supply wire sizes from 0.1mm up to 10mm in a choice of round, square or rectangular sections and are tolerances can either be customer specific or to BS 1726.

Stampings and Pressings

Stampings and pressings facilities make up a key aspect of our business. We design and develop tooling capable of producing multi impression mass produced components and operator controlled components for specialised assembly and finish forming processes.

We can provide large scale stampings and pressings due to our unique stampings supply facility.

Stampings and Pressings

Tension Springs

We offer a comprehensive range of tension springs with specifications including:

  • Wire size section steel, round, square and rectangular
  • Using spring steel, stainless steel and phosphor bronze
  • Supplying quantity of one to millions
  • Tolerance to BS1726 or to customer specifications

Tension springs store up energy when they are twisted with the quantity of torque exerted being equal to the amount the spring is twisted. We cater for a diversity of tension spring requirements and work closely with our customers from initial design to supply.

Tension Springs


We provide an extensive selection of clips in quantities from one up to millions and with tolerances specific to application and customer needs. Our clips are produced in house to ensure high quality and fast delivery times.

Clips are produced using spring steel, mild steel, stainless steel, brass, or phosphor bronze.



We offer the most challenging industry requirements with reliable and high quality components including wireshapes. We manufacture these in wire sizes from 0.50 up to 4mm and with wire sections in round, square or rectangular form.

Wireshapes are supplied in a range of quantities and manufactured with tolerances suited to customer requirements. 

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